Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Addie's Birthday!

Three days before flying to the beach, we brought the beach right to our house for Addie's birthday.  Her 10th birthday to be exact.
I had the brilliant idea to have both her family and friend party all in one big party-day.  It went fairly smooth despite being Mommy-size tired.
I only had to clean once, so that was amazing!

We had some amazing family and friends come out.  
Thanks for joining us!

Another amazing spherical cake by Aunt Michelle...is there anything she can't make?
Barbie cake? check.
Beachball cake?  check.
Rainbow colored cupcakes? check
Space planet cake pops? check
mermaid cake? check
Scooby Doo cake? Ninja cake? Truck cake? Pony cake? Lego cake? Princess cakes?
check, check, check, check, check
(and that's not even all of them...)

Happy birthday big girl, we love you so much!

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