Saturday, August 19, 2017

Happy Birthday!

Happiest of birthdays to my sweet niece and nephew!
Living around the corner from you is a 
I love that I get to relive the infant/toddler/preschool phase with you!
I love when you give your Mama a hard time and how smiley sweet you are!
You are our shining stars!
We love you!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cedar Point!

How is it possible that I have children big enough to ride coasters at CP?
I'm not sure...
This brave guy was ready...

He said the hill on Millennium Force was crazy.
We agree.

The girls loved hanging out in Snoopy Land...

Between the 7 of us...we managed to eat pizza, corn dogs, fries, funnel cakes, a burger, ice cream (twice), and cotton candy.
We didn't want to miss anything.  ;)

My Mom braved the trip just like she did last year at Disney and was vital in ensuring we all had an amazing time.  She even let Mike and I sneak away for two quick rides on GateKeeper.  
She also told the kiddos all about Euclid Beach Park and Cedar Point back in its early years.
We rode these racing horses and the Antique Cars in honor of Grandma Grigger.  ;)

We even stayed late with our big kids while Nana took the littles home.  We loved our day together.  Even if it means our kids are getting bigger.
And we're getting older.  ;)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Camping Weekend!

We went camping, as we do annually with Mike's family and friends....
We book a group site and invite anyone who is crazy enough to tent camp with us.  It was chilly this year for the first time ever, but we managed to squeeze in two new adventures....
a waterpark....

And Put-in-Bay

There's an amazing butterfly house on the island...

cave on Put-in-Bay too...

We had a lovely time...thanks to Kelly, Ryan and Steve for joining us with their darling littles....
here's to marshmallows...