Thursday, June 15, 2017

Columbus Stop!

Last weekend, on our way to visit Aunt Kelly, we spent the day in Columbus!
I took the girls to this mecca...

Where we may have paid for Addie's AG doll to get a serious hairmakeover (think twice before buying the AG dolls with curly hair..)

We also got her ears pierced and each little lady got to pick out something special from the store...

Olivia and Addie were in heaven and could not get enough.  Eliza enjoyed herself and had fun picking out a pet for her doll.  Liv picked out the "get well" kit which gave her doll casts, crutches and bandages...
Then we went to COSI!
The twinsies and I spent most of our time in the little kid section which had an animal show, rock wall, water table, and lots of fun play possibilities.

We lifted a car too!  Mike and the big kids enjoyed the ocean exhibit too!

They enjoyed the submersible too!
Great stop...COSI is fantastic.

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Quarter-lifer said...

GREAT pics!! love the rock wall one!!