Friday, June 30, 2017

Our Miss Lori...

It was bittersweet saying goodbye to our most favorite babysitter ever last month.  Miss Lori has watched Addie and Sam and was there the day I found out I was having...TWINS!  She took Olivia and Eliza on which was no easy feat (at age 1), as we all know...
With kindergarten approaching we officially adopted her and made her promise she would come to family events.  
She is certainly one of the best gifts God gave our family at this season of our lives.  We love her warmth, her grace with the kids, and her faith.  On her frame is the scripture that says when we think of her we will forever thank our God.  
It's so true!
We love you miss Lori!

My favorite view each morning on my way to school!

Thursday, June 29, 2017


My science kit at school always comes with a good number of extra caterpillars in case some don't make I always end up bringing a few home each year.  This year's butterflies were exceptionally friendly and docile and let us take some great pics!  So fun!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Not sure if it's the allure of Daddy-time, an affinity for Peter Rabbit or just plain natural instinct but our kids LOVE helping Daddy with the vegetable garden.  They will do just about anything to help Dad on this project.  Last year our garden was wildly successful.  Peter Rabbit looks like he's noticed our garden this year, so we'll see!
Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Our school years were fantastic.  Both "big" kids made tremendous growth in reading and became avid bookworms.  I saw a new level of responsibility emerge in Sam despite losing a few coats and lunch boxes along the way, which I count as success.  Addie officially became more tech-savy than me in all things related to Google and Google classroom.  Addie's friends continue to emerge and solidify.  Sam's teacher was the perfect match of comfort and challenge.  All in all, another year we couldn't be more pleased with our OF experience!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Addie's Guest Post...her play!

Addie's here today to tell you all about being in her first play...
My play was super fun and inspiring! I met many new friends who were really nice! I was really close to two girls. There names are Rory and Helena. I was in many scenes, like: Put It In The Piggy, Fork, Knife, Spoon,  Say No Thank You, and my personal favorite, Hola Lola! Some of the costumes I wore include: (holding) a Fork, a red dress, and leis! I loved doing this so much and am going to try and do this again next year! Bye!      

Mother's Day Show...

The girls' Mother's Day Tea was so special, as always!

Nana was our special extra guest....twins are trick that way.  Last year I came on my own and there was quite the debate over whose "seat" I would sit in.  This year, I would not be thwarted!

Our preschool goes above and beyond...
Sure will miss that place.
being a Mommy has its perks. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Preschool Graduation

I really can't believe all of my kiddos are done with preschool...
I love preschool.
The crafts, the songs, the stories, the excitement about EVERYTHING!
The cute themed weeks.

Eliza was first...

 Then Olivia...

Such lovelies...
We had some special guests come to the graduation too...
Uncle Steve, Aunt Shell, and Jillian and Peter.
(omg...this was an impossible pic)
Grandpa Rob and Papa

Miss Lori and Mr. Chuck
(the week prior Eliza swore that Chuck could come but ONLY if he promised not to wear his old, sweaty lawn-mowing shirt.)  :)


their buddy Justin

Miss Becky, owner and amazing PS teacher of Best Beginnings
I love preschool.