Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This day...Addie gets baptized...

When Addie was a baby we dedicated her and saved baptism for a time when she was old enough to decide for herself if Jesus was for her.  
That day came last month and it was so very amazing.
I knew it would be special, but we were all super touched as the church played a video of her talking about her faith and her beliefs...
And best yet, Mike got to baptize her with her Sunday school teacher Miss Bethany.
It was so cool!

Aunt Michelle and Nana threw her a big brunch after the service too!
Thanks Aunt Shell and Nana!

She even got my Grandma's cross from my Mom.  Super special, especially since she's named after her!

A few more pics back at church, out of order, sorry...

Addie's first memory of baptism was when our friend Megan got baptized several years ago.  It was so special have Megan and Steve there too!

Shell, thanks for this great pic!
We love you Add and couldn't have been more proud of you than on this day!

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