Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Harry Potter Birthday!

My little boy isn't so little anymore.
He's 8.
I'm not a fan of this "older" pattern that is happening with my kids.

We are, however, a big fan of Harry Potter and so a Harry Potter birthday party was in order!  We had so much fun planning the party.  We also had special guests from Cincinnati too which made the celebration all the more special!

love this one...
those glass were worth every cent...

Special guest, Aunt Kelly & fam!

Mom made Potter's potion which was delicious!

Here we are on our way downstairs for potions class...
It was classic vinegar, baking soda, cornstarch and bubbles but amped up with NEON paint, glitter and a black light.  
The kids loved it!

 Aunt Michelle outdid herself with this cake especially since she's (gasp) never read any HP books (yet).
Sam requested an ice cream cake so the challenge was even tricker!
We LOVE you Aunt Michelle and your cakes too!

The Abels and both Grandmas bought special new shirts for the occasion.  We loved how everyone got into the action!  :)

I mean the wands...so fun too!
We might have to work on these Grandpa tshirt choices...
But at least they're sporting the glasses.  ;)
Happy Birthday sweet Sam!  Thanks to everyone for making Sam's party such a smashing success.  We had so much fun!

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brillassignment.co.uk said...

We can't thank J.K Rowling enough for what she has provided the world with. Harry potter is an amazing gift to the world. My own childhood is filled with great Potter memories.