Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sam's Concert...

This guy performed for us last month.  His show was patriotic and lovely.  In the video, Sam's on the bottom riser a few kiddos in from the left.  He's, obviously, wearing that blue shirt!
Love you Sammy!

Monday, February 20, 2017


There are at least 36,000 reasons why Mike is are just a few recently.
I hosted a baby shower last weekend at the house and Mike left with the kids
for six hours.
The went science-ing...

Ate breakfast and lunch out and about... 
Checked out the lake...

Did I mention he helped my parents install plumbing a new vanity?
And he rushed home and ran the schematics for our furnace so he could tell the repair man what was wrong...
(Didn't even know you could do that)

He loves watching and reading Harry Potter with the kiddos....
(this is the dementor scene in HP 3)

And he just bought me new carpet.

Sorry for your luck ladies. 
He's all mine.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Mermaid Magic...

I *LOVE* birthday parties. 
 I love planning them and looking for ideas. 
 I love how my sister makes an amazing cake (or two)
 and how everyone comes and gets into the theme.  

The twins party is a bit tricky because it's so close to the holidays.  I usually feel way more rushed getting ready for the party than Sam's party...which conveniently falls near my spring break and the very relaxing July birthday for my #1 girl when I'm not working.  

This year my Mom really helped out with the photo props, chocolate seashells, and running to stores for just one last missing piece of decor items. 
This party was further complicated by the fact that Mike was traveling for 10 days right before the party.  He arrived at 10pm the night before the party.  He was super jet-lagged but you would have never known.  He was trooper!  We were happy to have our mer-Dad there to celebrate since he was in Israel on the girls actual BD.
My jellyfish might have been a function of being left all along with nothing to do after bedtime while Mike was gone.  Super cool and fun to make.  The tentacles are actually strips of plastic tablecloth pulled slightly to make that ripple effect.

Say no more.

Papa merman

Miss Lori and Mr. Chuck are always quite the celebrities at the party.  We're always so glad they come and we're going to make them promise to keep coming after the girls start school

Here's Mom's sweet photo props.  She made the trident, tail, and shells.
Really.  Amazing.
glitter scales too!

Our mermaid treasure hunt...

Just for the record...mid-January and near 70 degree temps.  Note my flip-flops and tank.
This will never happen at another O and E BD.

Thanks to all of our mer-guests.  We missed you Linn, Jerry, Kelly, Ryan, Betty, and Steve Abel!
Hope to see you in April!