Friday, July 22, 2016

Magic Kingdom (Day 5&7)

So we headed back to MK on Day 5 and 7 for more park fun.  Honestly, you'd think we would have seen everything, and we saw many things multiple times (Haunted Mansion= 4 times) but there was still many things we never made it to...crazy how much there is to do in one park.  We did take breaks every day we were there so to be fair we never spent a whole day in the park...mainly because we had two little ladies and near 90 degree temps!
Or maybe it's such a great idea to make vacation feel like vacation!  :)

Loved "Enchanted Tales with Belle"  It's a must see if you go!

Love these "magical" shots.  We did the Photo was well worth every penny!  I loved seeing our pictures show up in my app almost instantly.  I stopped taking my own shots when we met characters...the photographers did a great job and we never had to stop and ask strangers to take group shots for us.  There were dozens of photographers around each park.  I LOVED it.  I can't say enough about paying for that extra.  It was so worth it.  Especially if you're a picture person!

7 Dwarfs Mine ride!

Space Mountain!  So fun!
Yep...Sam & Mike went twice.

We loved meeting Tinkerbelle.  It was actually my favorite "character spot" in all the parks.  The whole area was made to look like a garden and we were all "fairy-sized."  So neat!

We loved our time in Magic Kingdom.  It really is such a magical place.  

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