Monday, July 25, 2016

Hollywood Studios (Day 6)

So true confession time...when I started planning this trip,  I thought this park was still called MGM like it was back in high school.  I guess I must have been busy getting married and having babies when that happened.
Really, Mike, Sam and Addie were in Star Wars heaven!

This is Addie's favorite ride of all time...Toy Story Mania!  It's a 3D Carnival game ride.  It was so fantastic and was also my FAVORITE ride cue line.  We had a Fast Pass so we saw it quick but it was phenomenal.   

Okay, so the Frozen Sing Along was just "okay" in my book but it snowed at the end which made my little girls' year.

The Beauty in the Beast stage show is still one of my favorite shows.  It is so high-quality.

Okay, so I forced Mom and Mike to wait in the Olaf line and it was horrible.  It was supposed to be 15 minutes and it was almost 30 minutes and it featured some shockingly cranky (and rare) Disney workers.  But I think the picture is flipping hilarious and I stand by my decision to make them wait with the kids.  
Olaf likes warm hugs.

Whoa, Kylo creepy.
Maybe Kylo should be Sam's Second Grade teacher.  Seriously, look how well he's listening...

Sam loved Tower of Terror.  I scored a last minute Fast Pass for Sam and Mike because I never, EVER thought he'd want to go on that ride.  Boy was I wrong.  He loved it!  :)  
We loved Hollywood Studios.  We wanted to make it back for the night show but we opted to have a night swim instead.  Maybe next time!  
The 16 acre Star Wars area that's due to open in the next two years ago will really enhance this park.  Mom was sad they've gotten away from the "movie making" theme of the original park and it'll be interesting to see how this park takes shape as the years progress...

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