Thursday, July 21, 2016

Epcot (Day 4)

We began our Epcot morning with the classic Princess breakfast!  
Sam and Daddy were at the Chef Mickey breakfast.  

Ellie finally got to meet her fave Aurora!
Ariel with feet and another Cinderella!

Nana was a princess expert! She did the same breakfast with Addie four years ago!
Nemo ride!

Watch out for the vikings! 
This was about 2pm...we were on our way out of the park for a break.  Mike and Mom got some German beer.  Note Olivia...
A little rain that evening meant we needed to kill some we met Baymax!
Love the classic Mickey shot.

Sam was definitely NOT about to take a picture with Minnie.
too girly.

Not my favorite picture because some other family is in the outside of the Test Track car (sigh.) But everyone loved the ride!

Another favorite shot!

Pics from Chef Mickey

We stayed for the night show too!  So fun!  Epcot was pretty neat.  We really wanted to see more of the World Showcase and the Frozen ride opened up the day after we visited...but it was HOT and honestly, I feel like there wasn't quite enough "little kid" things to do to warrant more than one day at Epcot.  So we quickly changed our plans & said goodbye to Epcot!

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