Monday, July 25, 2016

Disney Wrap Up

 All in all, our trip to Disney will probably rate as one of my all-time-family faves.  I loved planning for the trip and spending the week exploring all that Disney has to offer.  Our kids were at a great age and so excited about all things princess and rides.  A special thanks to this lady for enduring our family, walking in the super hot heat, and managing to do it all with a big smile on her face!
We are grateful for your help!

We also ate at the Rainforest Cafe and the T-Rex restaurants which are of course highly over-priced but so fun...

My top 5 tips for you or if we ever go again:
1. Stay on the property.  It was so easy and getting to the parks after the trams/monorails/boats is enough work let alone driving a long way to get to the park.
2. Figure out and be strategic about your Fast Passes starting one hour after the park opens.  For the first hour, everything is a short wait...plan your Fast Passes by ride AND location if possible...clustering your fast passes by area if able...
3. Spend the $$$ on the photo pass
4. Figure out the meal plan.  I'm not sure if it's worth it, but the food is expensive so it's maybe? worth researching.
5. Make restaurant reservations 6 months out if possible. 
Yay!  I was worried the hype of Disney wouldn't live up to our parental expectations, but it definitely did!  If you're the kind of family that wants to do Disney someday, start saving your pennies.  You won't be disappointed!


Laura Long said...

I LOVE all your Disney photos, thanks for posting!
Sam is so brave, Everest and Tower of Terror are difficult for me!
I can't wait to take our little miss there someday!

Laura Long said...

Oh! And I totally agree with your tips...staying on property is so worth it, we loved the meal plan (sometimes in off peak season they do free meal plans, we got it at end of September), and the photo pass is fantastic ( I did it for the first time at Disneyland)