Sunday, July 10, 2016

Disney Day 2 (MK)

Our second day was a day at Magic Kingdom.  We didn't waste any time getting in line to meet Anna and Elsa.  It was our only day to catch them because they moved to Epcot in the middle of our trip by the new ride.  So Mommy didn't want to mess this one up.  We waited about 20-25 minutes by ourselves.  I decided that was about the longest I wanted to wait with the twins by myself.   I used up all my line "toys and tricks" but we made it!

We also caught the Under the Sea ride which quickly became the twins' favorite ride!

We met Ariel.  Addie did too...accidentally...Nana got in the line for what she thought the mermaid ride, so Sam actually could have met Ariel too!  ha!  He was NOT about that at ALL!

Classic Dumbo ride!  The ride has this amazing "pager" waiting system..the kids play in a large (air conditioned) playground until it's their turn!  Brilliant!

Pool time!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! 

We had a Fast Pass to meet Rapunzel and Cinderella!  Our wait was about 5 minutes, which was good because after the Anna/Elsa wait, Mommy couldn't have waited much longer...
Liv's favorite princess!

So fun!

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