Friday, July 8, 2016

Disney Day 1

When we flew into Disney we arrived around noon and had half a day to rent our van, check-in and make it to Magic Kingdom.  Things went perfectly smooth right up to check-in where Ellie peed her pants and there was some mix up with reservations making check in last an eternity 45 minutes.  Once we were checked in we headed straight to the park and cashed in our first Fast Passes.  We rode...
Splash Mountain
Met Tiana while the big kids rode on Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion

Went on one of the girls favorite rides...several times...

We hopped on the Jungle Cruise with a 3 minute Fast Pass even though the line was 45 minutes.
(So fun, but never wait 45 minutes for that ride...)
Saw the classic Bear Country Jamboree

Funny story with Tiana...We were like 3 people left to meet Tiana when...
she took a break (sigh) and then Ellie had to go potty (see earlier in the day).  We got out of line and I asked the sweet people behind and in front of us to watch the stroller and they let us get back in line.  Bless those sweet people in Magic Kingdom!  

And then waited for Electrical Light Parade

Nana hooked up the clan with Mickey Krispee treats dipped in chocolate.

Glow lights compliments of Target can avoid expensive Disney parade costs. ;)

A great end to the first day...

Also...after our check-in debacle, I had a moment of sheer panic (I almost cried!) when I thought the switching of reservations and Magic Bands deleted all our Fast Passes.  Really, the APP had just crashed and some sweet man at Guest Services reassured me we were all set.  Vacation saved...months of Fast Pass planning saved.  Phew.  Heart-attack avoided!  

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