Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dance Recital!

I love a good dance recital!
  I mean, clearly, growing up having lots of them, having them for my own girls is the 
Someday when Mike sees our kids run a race he'll understand. 
 Until then, recitals are my glory day!  So...this was the twins first year of dance and first recital.
They danced to a song from Disney's "Princess & the Frog."  It was just darling!

There's Ellie waving hello!

Aunt Michelle had to come to the dress rehearsal because she couldn't make the recital and thank goodness she did.  It was a big more than I had planned on...she's officially coming to them all from now on.
I also had taken my whole class to the zoo that day so I was exhausted.  Thank goodness for Auntie to the rescue!
So then Addie took the stage and whoa buddy what a difference two years make!  It was awesome seeing how far her ballet and jazz has come...
This was "Colors of the Wind."

And a little Cindy..."Girls Just Wanna have Fun!" for Jazz!
This was the big day...

It's really hard to tell...but Olivia on the far left there...and she snuck her cheetah onto the stage.  She's holding it!  Ha!  Sneaky Olivia!   She said she wanted him to be on stage too.

Some special guests...Grammy, Miss Lori & Mr. Chuck!

Kayla and Aunt Emily came too!


So proud of all our dancers!  A special thank you to all of our family and friends who endured the show to see our ladies 3 minutes of glory!  We love you!

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