Saturday, July 30, 2016

Addie's Big Day

OMG...I'm so behind on blogging!  Speeding it up...
So our sweet "big" girl turned 9 this summer.
I'll spare you of the all the unbelievable mommy feelings that are drudged up every birthday...
how could she be 9?
It's gone so fast...

It is true...I feel all those things and more.  Our big girl wanted a Star Wars party, so we happily oblidged.  Even Aunt Shell who knows about this much about Star Wars.
But those cupcakes!
Thank goodness for Pinterest!
Yay Aunt Shell!

light saber grapes

awaiting a "special guest..."

Yep...Mike in a full Jedi suit...with pool noodle light sabers...

The youngest Jedi...

Jedi training...

She *might have had a little fun with that surprise!

Photo fail!  We made death star pinata (from scratch!) but this is the only pic!

The Smiths debut on the blog...
Welcome to the family Tom & Christy!

Our sweet big girl decided to ask for food donations instead of presents.
She amazes us and teaches us new things about generosity all the time.  We love her so much and can't believe God gave us HER to turn us into a Mommy and Daddy.
We are so very grateful!

Happy 9 Sweet Love...

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