Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Elaine's BD

Over Memorial Day weekend we held a special birthday party for a special Mom/Mother-in-Law/ Grammy!  
Happy 60th Birthday Elaine!
Elaine and Pat, her sister

We took this sneaky grandkids portrait before the party and printed it for a gift!

This guy did some serious heavy lifting the morning before the party!

Steve was a great help too!
Elaine's parents and broter

Who helps you the night before decorate until 11pm while we have no airconiditiong and she's 6+ months preggo...the best sister ever, obviously.

There's that secret picture...

We had a great time!  Even though we had an 11th hour air conditioning repair that may have given me a heart attack.  All was well!  Thanks to Kelly, Emily, Phil, Steve, and Michelle for all your help!
Happy birthday Elaine!
We loved celebrating you!

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Michelle said...

awww great pics! you are too kind - so happy to help :) Happy 60th elaine!