Thursday, June 30, 2016


Our piano recital got unfortunately rescheduled during our vacation and Addie's sweet piano teacher allowed us to sneak in some fans for her mini-recital in the piano studio.  She did a lovely job and we love how much she loves to play piano!
Thanks to Nana, Aunt Michelle, and Uncle Steve for making time in their day to join us!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mother's Day Tea!

The girls' preschool has a darling Mother's Day Tea.  I was shooting directly into the bright window for the show.  :(  But hopefully the video will make up for it.  

And for the record, I had two place settings, two plants, two placemats and two cookies from the girls...which they both ate.  Apparently they thought it was their tea treat.  

Here are the girls with some of their friends.
 Their friend, Hollis, below who is my coworker's daughter.  She's a year older than the girls and therefore, a celebrity.
Videos below....

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Elaine's BD

Over Memorial Day weekend we held a special birthday party for a special Mom/Mother-in-Law/ Grammy!  
Happy 60th Birthday Elaine!
Elaine and Pat, her sister

We took this sneaky grandkids portrait before the party and printed it for a gift!

This guy did some serious heavy lifting the morning before the party!

Steve was a great help too!
Elaine's parents and broter

Who helps you the night before decorate until 11pm while we have no airconiditiong and she's 6+ months preggo...the best sister ever, obviously.

There's that secret picture...

We had a great time!  Even though we had an 11th hour air conditioning repair that may have given me a heart attack.  All was well!  Thanks to Kelly, Emily, Phil, Steve, and Michelle for all your help!
Happy birthday Elaine!
We loved celebrating you!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Addie's last day!

This was Addie's last day of 3rd grade!  She won an extra special award for being Respectful all year.  (We knew that, didn't we?)  She shared some writing she had done and we had lunch with some of her friends.  A great way to end the year...She leaves her school and heads to the Intermediate School next year.  Not sure I'm ready for that...

her friend Kylee
her awesome teacher Mrs. Sparks
her friend Allyson

So proud of your 3rd grade year Addie-pants!

Friday, June 24, 2016


Our little niece Jillian (affectionately referred to as Jill-baby or Jilly-bean)
is getting big and hilarious and so very smart.  
We love her so much...We love that she lives right around the corner.
We also are thrilled she's going to be a big sister in September!
Couldn't you just squish those cheeks?

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Found this post in blog archives too...

Our big girl is almost done with third grade
Daddy chaperoned a field trip for our big girl.  I think they had a great time.  A good friend of mine gave me the advice (years ago) to take all opportunities to do "school-kid" stuff as much as you can.  She said that the years are short when the schools invite you in and your kiddos want you there...and to do/participate in as much as possible.  We've taken her advice and taken days off of work and pushed those careers aside.  So grateful for her wisdom.

Back in the Saddle

Well my sweet blogger friends, the wait is over.  I have returned from Disney, threw Elaine's party and closed up another school year.  Which can only mean one thing...
More time to blog!  
:)  Woop woop!
This is Sam during his last week of school on book character day!  He was Bad Kitty!
He loved his outfit and I loved how easy it was to make!  Ha!