Sunday, May 22, 2016

Mother's Day Love

Sam made this plant for me for Mother's Day.
and then left it at school for two days
It didn't quite make it.
This is so Sam.
And I love it.

Don't worry, he made Daddy take him to the store and buy a big new beautiful hanging basket before Mother's Day and very stealthfully hid it under a large box in the middle of the garage.

New Shoes

Eliza would like you thank you, Nana, for her new light-up shoes.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sam in first grade

I LOVE, I mean LOVE when my own kids are in first grade.  I'm secretly sad for next week.  Not secretly...out loud sad because Sam has had the most *amazing* teacher this year that is the most perfect match for him.

More about her next week.  She sent me this email story about Sam in first grade this grade...

Can you believe your little guy is almost a second grader??? He said the cutest thing this morning and I just
HAD to run over and tell his most-likely-to-be-second-grade-teacher the story just so she can get even
more psyched to have him class.  So, I walk in and there is a heated discussion brewing in room 807 about
whether or not Big Foot is real or not.  All of a sudden, Sam gets his all official voice going on that quiets the
entire room and says "everyone, everyone- don't you know that Big Foot is a legend and a legend means it 
may be true or might not be true and you can be in charge of if you believe it or not.  Other legends, for example are the Loch Ness Monster and of course, Yetis." Then quietly sits back down.  Dang, he better come and visit me next year so I can get my daily dose of his wit and charm!!!

:)Sigh...don't end first grade...

Summer is close..

 And Aunt Michelle is teaching her nieces necessary girly summertime hobbies...

come and stay summer...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Miss Lori, in addition to being the world's best babysitter, is also a connoisseur  of children's books and particularly ones my littles will love.  She sent this one home for Sam.  In addition to a great also had directions for origami in it...Leaving Sam one happy little boy after he and daddy folded the boat.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The secret pockets of a boy...

There's Sam!

I found this in Sam's coat pocket.  Yep...that's 
one eraser
one pink button
7 rocks

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sam's Birthday!

Scooby Dooby Doo!
We had a great party!  And a mystery too!
Thanks to everyone who joined us....

Some of our favorite Monsters!

Aunt Michelle with another AMAZING, creative, delicious and darling cake.

Sam's Birthday Too!

April Fun

We saw an amazing play based on the Mo Willems books, Elephant and Piggie.
The kids loved it and Eliza asked when she could hop up on the stage.

Sam was very busy making creations up in his room late at night...If you zoom in on the clock I think it says 10:something.  Aye!
Liv and I at Laura's Home...check out her nametag which she labeled herself!  ;)

Sam's been researching bats at school and we spent no less than 27 minutes at the bat exhibit in the Rainforest.

More spring break

Did I black out?  How is it already March?  I've fallen into the black hole of blogging that I shame others about!  Hark!  
Forgive me!  
Just teasing...this mama knows that life gets crazy.
Mine included.
The struggle is real...

 These monkeys have something to do with it...

We went to the zoo too...and out to Lake Farm Park to see our favorite east-siders and eat lunch with daddy.