Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wax Museum

Addie's school does a big biography research project that culminates in a wax museum.
Here she is frozen until you come up and press her "button."
Then she comes to life and tells you all about her famous person.
She and Daddy chose Ada Lovelace who was the first person to write a computer program.
She was Lord Byron's daughter and completely into math and science.

Mommy almost didn't take a day off of work for the event but then she remembered not wanting to regret missing stuff like this...
Being a working Mommy is tricky, you know?
A special "work-at-home" perk for Aunt Michelle too...
Addie was really excited Aunt Michelle made it too.

I took a video of her little speech...It's hard to hear so I have to work on that, but I'll post it if I get it right. 
(Note how we reused that stellar Halloween costume from last year?)

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