Thursday, January 29, 2015

Watch out for your phone

Apparently when you turn three you do learn how to use the camera on mommy's phone when she's not looking...
phone users everywhere...beware!

Those were a small sampling of the 45 pictures she took of herself.
I see you Ellie.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I was hoping when the girls turned 3 they would magically behave better.
Clearly whining would stop, 
stomping our feet would stop,
using diapers at night would stop, 
and tantrums would clearly be over.

They are not.

Last night I had to take away everyone's dollies because after 3 warnings they were still turning on their lights and making a path with their diapers to jump from
(think lilly pads)


At least they're learning how to clean.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Party like a Princess

girls? check.
twins? check.
third birthdays? check.
clearly princess party theme time
Look at this cake my sister made the girls!  
Thanks Aunt Shell!

Thanks to my Mom for the martinis...she knows how to keep this Mama/Party Planner happy...

Clearly I had to get my sweet boys something non-princess-y

I love this totally captures some of the joy in the faces of the girls as they saw their cake for the first time...
Aunt Michelle knows how to make her nieces and nephew smile...

We had serious bling too...
I told you, right, still mesmerized with the cake...
Grammy & princess Christina...

Oooh!  My favorite Pinterest find...fruit kabob magic wands...

Jillian & Christina!
Opening presents!
The girls loved their new owl sleeping bags from Nana!

Singing happy BD!
Rule #2236 of twins is to always have separate cakes so they feel like individuals 
(or something?)
Michelle has happily obliged...

We had a great night!  Thanks to our family and friends for postponing the celebration until AFTER our stomach bug had passed and still helping to make our day special for our sweet little girls.
We can't believe it's been 3 years.  Somedays it feels like 10 years and some days it feels like we were just juggling bedrest and sleepless nights.  We're so grateful to God for his help on this journey and to our family and friends, without whom, we'd be much crabbier and horrid to be around!
Happy Birthday Liv & Ellie!
We love you!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Birthday to our Ladies!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our Little Ladies Liv & Ellie...
Officially, still, life's biggest and best surprise...xoxo

Grandpa Rob's Christmas

Grandpa Rob is becoming quite the official grandpa...look at all those grandkids... to be exact.
double trouble grandsons this the first year nothing got broken?
I'm sure there's something and I'm just forgetting...
maybe an ornament...or Frosty finally bite it?
Mike's grandparents...Nana & Al
We affectionately name her "Great Grandma Nana" to clarify between my Mom.
Grandpa Rob & Nana always do a great job selecting things the kiddos will love and they always do and it makes the day just that much more special!
Thanks for a great holiday Kubiaks! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas with Grammy

We enjoyed a Christmas celebration at Grammy's house too...
Here are some of my favorite shots:
In case you don't recognize Isaiah yet in these photos...he's Sam's partner in crime...and if he's at the event, you can bet your bottom dollar that Sam will not say more than hi to you...
he's busy...
Isaiah's the only boy in miles...
and he's not going to waste a second of play time with his favorite buddy.
Sidenote....Isaiah's about 20 months younger than Sam, and we knew it would eventually happen and it finally did...Isaiah is now taller than Sam.
My beautiful niece Mikayla

Love Ellie in that shot

Wanted to include this shot because it shows the darling 7 stockings that Mr. Larry makes our kids each year with age-appropriate goodies and he IRONS-ON the letters in their name...