Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Morning

If it were up to Addie, we would have opened gifts at 4:30, but we made it to 6:45 which isn't bad in my book.  Here are some highlights...

This is the part where we hold our children photo-hostage for a good picture before opening presents.  It's a classic parenting trick.  You should try it...

There's Ellie with her stocking...Don't think I was all "on top of things" with their hair.  That was their bows from the evening before.  They fell asleep in the car so we just went with it!

Addie got the doll bunk bed so we had to take a picture for Nana and Aunt Shell since it wasn't conducive to taking along in the car...of course she asked!
Off to Nana & Papa's we went...

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Eve

We had a really relaxing day at home on Christmas Eve that seemed to fly by with plenty to do...
Like...take Santa pictures...

Spread reindeer food.  The twins made some at preschool but Sam didn't.  I told him it was a good think I teach first grade and know that reindeer food is made from oatmeal, glitter, and sugar...and another good thing that I had all those ingredients! 
 Then we went out east to celebrate with Mike's extended family...

And waited for Santa, and our presents...


And drove home late at night with visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads...

Monday, December 28, 2015

Lights & Santa!

I sometimes have a bad habit of deciding my Christmas success based upon how many Christmas "things" we get done.  Like did we make gingerbread houses?  Did we go to several light displays? Did we see Santa?  This year I decided to let that go and stick with two major things I really wanted to do...
1. See mall Santa.  We haven't seen him since the twins and I decided it was time.  Call me crazy, but I wanted to do that....
I schemed, brought clothing changes (minus sam's socks) and we went right after school and waited approximately five minutes, in which I did nearly threaten a child's life, but we survived and got a fun picture.  (note: I forgot Sam's socks because it was pajama day at school)  Victory still counts if 3/4 children are wearing socks.

2. See lights.  I love lights...especially the ones you can walk around at.  I like the drive-thru ones in Medina too but it was OKAY that we didn't make it there.  See?  Let it go...let it go...  And we even got to go once with Kelly when she was in town.  Win, double win.

Love that pic...

It was kind of a nice feeling this year trying to really just pick two things I wanted to do instead of feeling the pressure to do all the things every year.  I don't think the kids noticed and I had a great time!  

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas at Grammy's

We had another lovely evening celebrating Christmas at Grammy's.  We had Tommy's chicken which made Mike happy and lots of yummy appetizers and desserts.  Thanks for hosting Grammy & Larry!

Boys in plaid!
We have this strange family habit of passing around this ugly lawn goose for holidays.  One year, Elaine and Larry even painted it gold for our 30th BD.  This year, it came wrapped to Uncle Phil from his childhood imaginary friend.  Thank you David Asko.
Sam got hex bugs this Christmas.  It might be the most excited I've ever seen him about a toy! 
Mr. Larry makes these homemade stockings with the kids' names on them.  I think even Martha Stewart would be proud.  I'm always super impressed.  That Mr. Larry is one-of-a-kind.

Thanks for a wonderful night Grammy!
We love you!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas at Grandpa Rob's

Mike's Dad always has a wonderful Christmas celebration for us at his house.  It's always a super special day.  This year it coordinated with Kelly's weekend at home with Ryan and their girls.  We loved seeing their family and celebrating the day...


The typical family picture with Grandpa Rob.  I'm still trying to decide the best one...not sure either of these are it...

maybe this one?
We got to spend some quality time with Nana and Al too!  It was great seeing them!

Sam got his first Hex Bugs.  They were a big hit!
Love you Grandpa Rob!
Thanks for a perfect day!