Friday, September 26, 2014

North Korea...and other quotable first grade quotes...

"Mrs. Medved...if you're looking for somewhere to take your family on should
go to North Korea.  There's this guy there that talks to the people on a microphone and brain washes them and you can never leave."
Thank you B.  You are right....actually, very accurate.

(on picture day)
Two separate boys looking all "cool" and "suave"
One dressed in a cool, casual, wrinkled-effect cuffed up sleeves oxford shirt...
tells a little first grade girl during buddy reading...
"Do you want to be my partner today because I look so handsome?"

And another who's dressed in a three-piece suit complete with a tie...
think shiny fabric...Baptist Church...Sunday suit...
says to the girl next to him...
leaning over, pointing to his collar bone...

I'm becoming my father...

It's true.
When we were growing up Dad refused to fill our glasses more than one-third full in fear we would (undoubtedly)
(and we would)

Funny part is that he continued the habit well into our teen years when we weren't quite as clumsy.
It was so maddening.

Until I had four spillers around my table...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Clambake link...

I might have taken a sick day for myself this week...haven't done that in awhile.
I had no voice (zero).  
And my blog is sorely behind.

We had a great clambake last weekend.
And you can see all the pictures here!

And if you're'll check out Jillian's newborn pictures on her blog too.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Family-friendly Oktoberfest!

My Mom always finds the best little fun outings for our family to do...which is great...otherwise we would spent far too many evenings at Chick-fil-A and Red Robin.
Friday we went to a local German club for their Oktoberfest...
There were lots of fun German costumes and steins of beer...
Unfortunately my phone only captured these family friendly moments...
high-fives with Grandpa Rob
The local fire truck...

There were lots of soft pretzels!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Don't go to the bathroom with us...

We might be watching (quite possibly) the dorkiest movie Mike's ever forced upon us.  It has to do with time travel and meeting/trying to kill one's future self.
But I digress...
I was just tell my friend Jackie, who's pregnant with twins, about the impossibility of using a public bathroom with the twins.  Now that they're potty trained and usually not in a stroller anymore it means we all have to go in the bathroom.
a lot.
So we're in the stall...
go with me on this one...
{also note Addie and Sam might also be in the stall too}
and I have one lady on the potty and one roaming the stall...
and I'm saying...
"No no no don't touch that. No she gets to flush her own pee pee, no don't unlock the door yet, it's not your turn...stop touching that...that's no no!"
So...twin-not-going-potty listens and does the only thing I haven't forbid yet...

sticks her head under the stall and says hello to the poor person next door.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cheer Night!

Addie did the mini-cheer night again this year with the HS football cheerleaders!
Love her hips in this photo...


Sam went along for the night with Mom and ate pizza, a hot dog, a ring pop, and a popsicle

Add was very into the 'friends' she knew doing it this year to watch!
Next time you see her...ask her to do the Cookie Monster cheer...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Look who met Jillian last weekend!'s come the cousins...
Poor Aunt Michelle couldn't even make it down the stairs before the kiddos accosted Jillian! 

Sam just kept commenting on her "tiny" parts...

Let's just say we have to work on the family grandkiddo pic for Nana and Papa!
We love you Jillian!
Welcome to the family!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Labor Day Fun

 Over Labor Day weekend, Mike's college roommates expanded their annual "boys' weekend" to be a "family weekend" this four boys expanded to 4 more wives and 6 children
{the other boys are still trying to catch up to us...}
Our four plus Walter on the left (Pat's son)

And Arthur (Ben's son)
There was sprinklers, museums, marshmallows, lots of food and spirits and great company
We stayed at this lakehouse about 30 minutes from Cincinnati.  It was perfect for our get-together.

Liv with her smore!
Walter too!

Thanks for a great weekend!  And including your ladies and our cuties!
{pretty sure if my girlfriends did this we'd need three houses}

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Many Faces of Olivia...

Took a new photo shoot of Liv's faces...
because they are *classic* and unlike any of our other kids at their age...
happy face
silly face
surprised? face
fishy face
(thanks Helaine!)
sad face
kissy face
Sweet Liv!  We love you!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Late Summer fun...

Carnival at church...
taking picture of Eliza's face paint....
not so easy.
still learning the right amount of toothpaste...
I should buy stock in colgate or crest.

Cute orange dress from Aunt Kelly!
New orange Hoodie for the girls!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kindergarten Joker!

Apparently Sam knows a few more letters and sounds than I thought...
tonight...during homework time I told him to write his name on his paper and he wrote this 
When I asked him what he wrote after hearing him spell it "T-O-M," 
Sam goes..."Tom! I learned how to spell it today."

I'm not sure if I was more relieved that he could write (from memory both a T and O, neither of which are in his name...) or that he knew what he spelled, or that it was just darn funny....
I erased it and he wrote it again...with a huge smile...