Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cedar Point

We scored a bd trip to cp today (thanks Elaine and Kelly!) And had a great time! We also want to record some of our strange and bizarre sightings...
Squid hats
54875422467 tattoos
Girls wearing just bras as shirts (klassy)
Adult man wearing cape
Mohawks (spiky ones)
Super hero couple matching shirts
Matching shirts.
Drunk ladies on Gemini
Your name on a grain of sand necklace stand
Chained naked angel tattoo
Dreamcatcher tattoo

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Meet Christina!

Here she is!  
Our new niece!  She was born on Mike's birthday.
She weighed 7lbs.13oz and was 20 inches long!

Congrats Phil and Em!
Birthday buddies!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Birthday to this Guy...

He simply is the best husband (and in turn, dad) that a lady could ask for...
We're so grateful for all the things you are in our lives...
and so grateful God gave me you!
We love you....
J, A, S, O and E

Twin Tales: Potty Training, Part 3-7

Then there was the time Olivia peed all over the playground equipment.

Or the time Eliza had to poop, but wouldn't, for the entire evening when we had dinner guests

Or the time she pooped her pants during Mike's BD party and he had to clean it up

Or the time she peed at church in the nursery

Or the time (yesterday) when Olivia went through 3 pairs of underwear by noon.

There were a few days (like today) when everyone stayed dry all day.  And that was *bliss.
Here's hoping for more of those days and less bloggable stories.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Twin Tales: Potty Training, part 2

It was day 10 of the "cold turkey" potty training method when my mom and went to the zoo...
{Note: Cold Turkey probably won't work for everyone.  I simply am running out of summer vacation and I always do my best potty training when I'm not working}

Things were going well...we stopped for lunch next to the wolf lodge and I had just gotten lunch distributed when Olivia announced the inevitable,

I snatched her up in my arms and did my best speed walking up to the nearest bathroom 
(You know, by the the grizzly bears)
It was a  good 5 minute walk and I was sweaty and certain, at any minute...she was going to pee down the side of me!
But she did NOT!  And she actually went!

And I was all like..I'm the best-potty-training-mommy-of-twins in the world.  Look at me everyone..
she MADE it.
She stayed DRY.
{there was jubilation}

And then I returned to the table, to discover that Eliza had peed all over her seat!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Twin Tales: Potty Training

Let me start by saying that potty training is the worst.  I mean not really the worst, but the sheer number of hours I've sat on the bathroom floor of my house 
(or worse...stood in a public bathroom)
lately with Olivia and Eliza becoming a cheerleader for peepee and poo poo makes it feel like the worst.  

And then there's the whole twin thing...which means even when Eliza goes all day dry and poops in the potty, it's somehow overshadowed by cleaning Olivia's underwear. 
And I'm not talking #1 here.

Let me also say that any parent who tells you that they have mastered the secrets of potty training is full of junk.  They either got incredibly lucky or are naive enough to believe what worked for their kiddo will clearly work for yours.  Let's be honest...pottying is just like discipline or educating your child.  There's no "one magic way."  Sam was the easiest (and he was my boy!)  Addie never had any accidents (maybe one or two?)  

I digress...
The twins and I went cold turkey after vacation.
No more pull-ups or diapers.
Even at the farm or zoo.
Just overnight and sometimes naptime.
And we're making progress.
But it's slooooooooooooooooooow.

Story #1: We're at Addie's piano lessons.
in the hallway.
for 30 minutes.
how hard can it be right?
I start safe and take everyone potty.
Eliza goes...Olivia doesn't.
Until we're in the hall and then she pees all over....Even in her shoes.
Praise the Lord for Crocs...
(don't worry it was tiled and we were alone)
So we haul out to the car to get the spare 
(carry a spare with you, duh.)
And we go to the bathroom and wash off...and change.
And for good measure try again.
And everyone goes AGAIN!
And then we settle back down in the hall for the next (what feels like ) 28 minutes
And then Eliza pees!?!

That was day 2...we've come a long way.   But aren't you amazed I didn't quit after that fiasco?
me too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This is about to happen any minute....

Emily is going to be a Mommy again!
(to a little GIRL!)
And we can't wait!
Prayers for a quick (not too quick) labor and delivery and healthy everything.
We love you!
For the record...I think it's going to be this week...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Parent Tip #209

Always store your "good-Mom" chocolate in a different spot than the chocolate you allow your kids to pick from....
It will say you during a stressful day.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Vacation Wrap Up

It's hard to wrap up an amazing week of vacation...but I shall try...
We loved our little "hike" at the Back Bay Reserve...
We loved our Nana and Papa who made the whole vacation possible!
(good pic, right?)
We loved this pool which made nap time very enjoyable!

We loved celebration the 4th...hurricane aside...
I loved being on the ocean...and definitely got to relax more than 2 years ago when the girls were 6 mos. old!
Loved that Aunt Shell made the trip despite being preggo!  (Mom made her fancy mocktails!)
Love our new underwater camera and our "fish" who learned how to do handstands and somersaults in the pool on vacation.
Loved hauling our clan to the beach....minus this wagon on the sand...that was a workout.
Love lobsters and these guys too.  They're pretty awesome.
Thanks for a great trip...hope you enjoyed the tour with me!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Slip and Slide!

Thanks for the hand-me-down slip-and-slide...
So glad we could "put it to use!"

Sam didn't quite get the "slide" idea and would run, full speed, up to slip and slide and then stop.
Summer fun cannot be beat...
I'll put a slip and slide up against a sled any day.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eliza's Trip

Eliza loved the pool...
the ocean...?
I'm actually thinking, she might not have even felt it on her tootsies except for once on the last day when I forced it on her.
Apparently ocean waves aren't her thing...which is funny...she's been braver than Liv lately...
We loved our Ellie on this trip...smooth sailing minus one ridiculous dinner....

Notice how far up the beach she is away from the waves....

 Checking out a really big crab...
Remember when I thought our #3 was just a #3?
Couldn't imagine a Liv without Eliza or an Eliza without a Liv.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

More Party Pics

Thanks for all the great new books everyone!
I loved using that Amazon wish list to share book titles.

Storytime at the end of the party.

Bigger bike for our bigger girl!

Caterpillars to Butterflies

Teacher-Mama alert...
clearly I had to order Sam (and the girls) some caterpillars to turn into butterflies this spring since Sam is in the full throes of "insect" obsession.  
I *almost* ordered them at the right time...

I say "almost" because I had to pack them up in my very crowded minivan we took to the beach because they "almost" came out of their chrysalises in time.
Time that one better if you ever do this...
just saying...

But they made it!  And I'm think the kiddos were suitably impressed.  Hearing a 2 year old pronounce "chrysalis" is so cute...