Sunday, January 5, 2014

Seeing my Girls...!

My college roomates and I still try to get our families together once a year even though we graduated
12 YEARS ago.
Holy smokes.  That means we are getting old.
Between us we have 12 children (+1 in utero) and 3 step children.
That's impessive.
Here are the newest additions I got to meet...
Erin's first...
Miss Lauren

Alison's #3...Cora (her "finally" girl)

Ian and Patrick helped Sam break in his castle

There's 10 minus Megan's kiddos because they were sick.
:(  Missed u!

Erin...we were so mad when we realized we didn't take a pic before you left!  Argh!

Crew and Sam had just a little fun together.
Just a little.

Addie and Sadie were lucky to have each other amongst all those boys!
So fun...can't wait until the next time...
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