Friday, December 27, 2013

Getting Prepared...

Christmas time has come and gone, and in true form...I shall try and share our pics with you with some funny background because aside from our Moms...most peeps want more than just cute darling pics...

Here we are decorating the tree...we have too many ornaments...
Do you hear me Mike!?!

And yes, Olivia is still making her faces.

And then I swiped the leftover gingerbread cookies from first grade so I didn't have to make my own.  And I brought home the frosting too.

We normally do gingerbread houses but my kiddos were crazy in love with the story of the GBM this year (thanks to preschool and first grade and ME bringing home all of my versions from school!)
Yay!  I think I like the GB's a flat surface and is eaten quickly...those houses seem to stick around forever and are hard to keep together. And then before you know it...your children are all licking the house two weeks later...gross.
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