Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Amish Country

Slowly getting my blogging back up to speed, right?
My Mom and Dad have been asking us to take a fall trip to Amish Country for years now and I thought the kiddos were finally the right age to not make us crazy on the drive down enjoy the trip.
So last Saturday we headed down!  It was cold!!!

But they had a petting farm...and what kid doesn't love a petting farm?
(or adult for that matter)

Ellie's first pony encounter

Pigs!  and goats...

See the baby pig on the left?

Whoa...Addie riding a huge horse!

Everyone else had pony rides.

Picking pumpkins

One of my favorite parts was seeing the goats enjoying a pumpkin feast!  Yay!
So fun...worth the drive...thanks Mom and Dad!
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