Saturday, September 21, 2013

New House-before part 2

There was a lot of pizza consumed.
And a lot of adult beverages too. 
(We have to keep the help happy.)


We repainted the above the mantle white...
Nicely lightened up the room.

There was desk assembly...

And cleaning...and cleanning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.
A special thaks to Mom, Aunt Rob and Linn for some serious love in the form of elbow grease and ruined manicures.  Love you ladies!

There's mom painting the pantry...
bless her looks so good now.

Uncle Paul painted the kids' bathroom and my dear sister painted every.single.closet because she loves me and she is the best SISTER ever.  She did tell me I was Monica from Friend when I asked her to do the inside door of a closet.  I was overboard on that one.
But it looks so good!

{Not pictured, of course, was my super excellent babysitting team of Emily, Phil, Kelly, and Elaine without who's help...we would have been sunk! Thank you so much!}

More "after" pictures once we're in a bit better know, like in October or December.
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Chad and Sondra said...

Exciting!!! Can't wait to see more! Congrats!