Sunday, September 1, 2013

Camping with Daddy night...

So for about 492 months our 'big' kids have been bugging Mike to go "camping" in the backyard. 
Notice they didn't ask me.  ;)
So on one of our final weekends in this house, Daddy made it happen.

Thanks to a tent from Uncle Phil and Aunt Em the night had begun.

Clearly there was campfire and marshmallow
(and bananas?)

Sam spent most of the night pretending he was a
"spooky ghost"

Smores, of course.
(after a quick trip by Mommy to get bug spray because I had packed our first can)

And into the tent!
I was certain they'd be in after a few hours, but they made it all night!
(Mike's note to us: before real camping, buy air mattresses)
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