Monday, September 30, 2013


Our backyard is a hit with the kiddos..
There are fences to climb...
Ducks to watch.

And watch...there's a gray duck with funky head feathers that Addie affectionately named Grandma duck!  Ha!
Here's a better gauge of the backyard from the deck...

So long sectional.

Rest in Peace our dearly beloved sectional. 
We loved you.
You did not fit in our new house.
So we sold you on Craig's list in 10 minutes.
And ordered a replacement.
But you can never be replaced.
Except for those ugly throw pillows.  I did hate that print.
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Move!

On our happy moving day...which was, by the way, the hottest day on record in 2013.  Thank you very much.  Bless his heart poor Mike did all the moving company coordination. I was at school.  It was only my fifth day of school.  First grade is serious.  You do NOT miss the fifth day of school.  Mike had some expert help.  My parents and his dad, Rob. Thank goodness.  So long old house...

Hello new house.  Still feeling super blessed and grateful for all the help to get us here. Lots and lots of help from several very interested and loving parties.  :)

Partner in Crime

Sam has a new partner in crime with his milk obsession. 
Her name is Olivia.
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

New House-before part 2

There was a lot of pizza consumed.
And a lot of adult beverages too. 
(We have to keep the help happy.)


We repainted the above the mantle white...
Nicely lightened up the room.

There was desk assembly...

And cleaning...and cleanning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.
A special thaks to Mom, Aunt Rob and Linn for some serious love in the form of elbow grease and ruined manicures.  Love you ladies!

There's mom painting the pantry...
bless her looks so good now.

Uncle Paul painted the kids' bathroom and my dear sister painted every.single.closet because she loves me and she is the best SISTER ever.  She did tell me I was Monica from Friend when I asked her to do the inside door of a closet.  I was overboard on that one.
But it looks so good!

{Not pictured, of course, was my super excellent babysitting team of Emily, Phil, Kelly, and Elaine without who's help...we would have been sunk! Thank you so much!}

More "after" pictures once we're in a bit better know, like in October or December.
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New House-the before!

So here was how I organized for our move.  I used a gigantic calendar and divided up our whole house into days to pack.  It was crazy...but it worked for the most part.  We still had some last minute "cram and slam" moments the night before the move.

Here we are the weekend before the move...Papa entertainment committee?  Check.

Then we got our keys on Friday!  Here's Sam checking out what will be his room...

And the backyard!  With ducks in the pond...

First climb up the stairs...of many...

Checking the view out Mommy and Daddy's room...

And Mommy and Daddy's stellar master bath...

Addie's room...

Living room...

First dinner in our new place! 

That night the painting began and rolled into the next two days of marathon painting...

Steve and Shell doing the office a softer, more grayish-blue

Mom painting Addie's room purple (with a blue accent wall...of course...)

Elaine and Larry in the twins' room

Rob and Dad hanging up cabinets in the laundry...
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Yay! New House!

I know I've neglected you horribly!  We are officially moved in to our new house and are sorting through mountains of boxes.  We have lots of great before and after pics and about a million of thank yous and funny stories and they are coming!  I promise...

And in case you were new class of first graders are GREAT! I have had two vomits and one peed pants, but besides that...things are going well!  Pics soon!

Monday, September 2, 2013


No words needed in this post...

except maybe who is who...
can u tell?
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Making Mommy's Day...

No more than 1 minute earlier Addie and Sam were full on grumping at each other about something or another...

And then I happened upon this...
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Well, let's just say there are boxes everywhere...

Don't worry, we're not actually packing our children.
Just everything else.

Our boxes are a mix of diaper boxes, liquor boxes from Mom's favorite wine store, DQ boxes from my friend Brooke who's family owns a DQ, boxes from Kelly from the Family Christian Bookstore, computer boxes from Mike's work, school boxes from school, and a smattering of random boxes we scrounged from the cardboard recycling. 
(how very green of us)
We're getting close!
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