Monday, August 26, 2013

Oatmeal buddies


Sam & Eliza are oatmeal buddies.
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Do you remember planting those little seeds in the stryofoam cups way back in the day?
Well Sam did at preschool and look at what has grown since...

Luckily, too, I got these great shots because a few short days later the sunflower may have 'lost' a battle to the wild rumpus that is Sam.  He was certain I could "tape" it back together. 
Alas, we shall gather some seeds and start again at the new house...
Love how all things grow...
except for maybe those little babies of mine.
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Daddy's Race!

On our last day of vacation, Daddy ran a duathalon relay with his biking buddy Adrian.  It was convenientally located 5 minutes from our lake house! 
So we just had to spectate and cheer on our favorite runner.

We found a great spot right at Daddy's turn-around so we got to cheer twice!

Love that runner-Dad of ours...
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Friday, August 23, 2013

My own first grader!

Here's Sammy on his first day of school!

And I now officially have my own first grader.
Unbelievable, really.
I'm beyond excited for her year this year.
Not because I'm in love with first grade
(oh wait, I am...)
But because school is so amazing and exciting and learning to read is just about the best thing ever...
I mean that and gym and recess.
Oh, and lunchboxes too...
apparently they're pretty amazing too.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vacation Thanks!

We had a lovely time on vacation with Mike's fam...
(see the 13 million pics below)
Thanks for finding us a great house Mike!
And thanks to Kelly, Elaine, Phil & Emily for all the extra hands on the beach and enduring Ellie while she was sick!
We loved our time with you!
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Vacation 2013~ Part 3

More shots from our Huron vacation..It'd be best to start at the first part...

Cedar Point-Bumper Car

My family has a love of CP french are the girls' first tastes!

Jr. Gemini


nature walk
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Vacation~Part 2



Safari Park!

Llama getting fresh with Aunt Kel

Deer "freak-out"
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