Sunday, June 30, 2013

Savannah Post 1

Did I ever tell you we have the most wonderful family?  I mean it's probably better than yours.
I'm just saying. 
Not only did they watch our FOUR children under the age of six for four days so we could visit Savannah, but they did so in such a fun way I'm pretty sure our kids barely noticed we were gone.
We loved Savannah.
I mean loved it. 
I mean, sure, we're partial to European cities and Hawaiian Islands.
But as far as the perfect weekend getaway Savannah was it.
You have to go.
It's charming and perfect.
It has beautiful cathedrals and churches like this one:

And boy, siree, does it have good food. 
You know our priority number one on any vacation is food, right?
We might read reviews and ratings for restaurants weeks before we go to make sure we hit just the right ones.
Like this one:

The famous Mrs. Wilke's Boarding House (Thanks Leah & Pat for the recommendation!)
You have to wait in line for about an hour outside the family style restaurant where they serve you
27 Southern dishes.
(no joke)

They can really do biscuits in the South.
just saying Bob Evans doesn't have anything on them.
And oh, the fried chicken,
exceeded my expectations for sure.

Savannah is know for being one of the best "planned cities" in our nation's history.
Every three blocks are darling "squares" or parks...24 in total. 
It made walking the city so enjoyable.

The famous Forsynth Park.

We toured two historic homes and this first public school in Georgia.
This pic is for you Jenny!

We even checked out two cemetaries and took a ghost tour. 
(It was totally creepy!)More pics to come...
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Lake Farm Park

Lake Farm Park!
I've been wanting to check out Lake Farm Park for years now and we finally did!
It was fun.  It happened to be dog weekend
(you know my feelings on dogs...)
so I'm sure it'd be even better on non-dog weekends....
Nonetheless, we had a great time.

We even milked cows too!

Baby pigs!
Great Cleveland stop!
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Thursday, June 27, 2013


Dear lego...
Do you need a mulistage lego promotional add?
we're your fam...

Addie's Kindergarten Graduation

In case you need reminding, I happen to be a
Which means I'm a fan of all things learning, pencils, and school.
Pretty soon the school supplies will arrive in Target and that will send me over the edge.
So add all that together with my first little bit finishing kindergarten and you know
it was a

Addie's teachers, Mrs. Wenger and Mr. Chahine were amazing.  I'm so glad I took the leap and put her in full day kindergarten at Scribes.  In my end of the year letter to the center's director I said she was the perfect mix you need in a K teacher...
equal parts super-knowledgeable about reading, focused on behavior and just warm and loveable so that that vital first year experience is a good one.
Doesn't hurt that that little lady of ours is just plain amazing.
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Having 18 month old twins in the summer means
But that's okay....their smiles are pretty worth it.

The only way I could recall who is who in these pics is that Olivia still wouldn't swing at this point.

There she is climbing the slide instead.

The purple and pink shoes totally help too.
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Sunday, June 23, 2013