Friday, March 29, 2013


Who needs toys when you have a big sister to entertain you?

Daddy's Girl....

Liv is still Daddy's girl

Very sporatically she'll opt for Mommy over Daddy, but usually not.
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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Apparently many of my favorite people were born in March.  There is my niece and my brother in law and my very favorite teacher buddy who teaches next door to me, Jenny & my other teammate Jess.  And my newest and dearest friend Megan too! Megan and I have know each other for about 3 years.  I'm so super, duper lucky to have met her.  For three years we've been through some big stuff together and it's only just beginning.  Megan came to visit me all the time on bedrest and was out-of-control excited the day I found out I was having twins.  I always say she got me past the deer-in-headlights look and into excited "what in the world just happened to our family" mommy mode. 
Now she's having baby number two.  And she just recently had the ultrasound to determine the baby's gender.  She says she's not going to tell me and for her birthday gift, I didn't even scold her about that horrible idea.  fun life surprise.  
Megan's so that person that would move mountains for her friends and loved ones.  And we are so lucky to have her in our lives.  I'm so glad my girls will have her around too.  You know, making sure they're on the straight and narrow when Mom turns "so not cool" anymore.  And Sam too.  He loves his Miss Megan.  And we do too.
We treasure her.
Happy Birthday love!

Palm Sunday!

We moved the girls up to the toddler room at church (sniffle) and they made their first Sunday School craft!  Yay!

I also heard and ordered this book for Easter.  It's really cute and a great book to launch discussion about Holy Week!  Check it out if you have little ones!
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I bought this slide for $20 at a garage sale 4 years ago.  It's been such a hit in our basement.  The girls are finally big enough to play. 

Whee!  I did it mom!

Olivia debates going down...

Maybe my cow would like to try it...

Not so sure about this slide.

I see you, peek-a-boo!
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Mikayla turns 4!

Our niece Mikayla turned 4 this weekend! 
She's so fun!  She's turning into quite the little lady.  She tells you she loves you and gives great hugs.  She loves animals and princesses.
And we love her.

Princess party, standard 4 year old girl party, right?

Look at our kids table!  Giant!

Eliza getting in the princess mode.

Olivia getting in the princess mode.

Mikayla loves the show Octonauts.  It's a pirate cartoon underwater.  The main charachter is an octopus and a cat.  Kayla had to have the eyepatch to match her pirate friends...

So cute! (See the kitty with the pirate patch?)
Happy birthday big girl!
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

3-0 for Steve!

My darling brother-in-law Steve turns 30 this weekend. 
He's celebrating in Vegas with Shell.

I'm not.  I'm at home with Olivia.  She apparently thinks her Uncle rocks (see her shirt?)
Her uncle and toliet paper, I guess...

Happy 30 big guy.  So glad you're in our lives and our family and are the perfect uncle to our three girls and one boy.
xoxo...m & j
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dance viewing!

Once a year, Addie's dance studio has a viewing day for the parents to come in and watch class.  It's kind of like open house, I've decided.  Anyways, it was crazy the difference a year makes.  Just last year Addie's teacher was trying to get the girls to stay in a straight line,

and not cry or tickle their neighbor and learn some assemblance of anything for the recital.
This year there was french ballet terms flying everywhere.  The girls have learned so much in a year.  I'm really excited for her growth and her recital in June.

a longer one with the beginning of her recital dance...

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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hello, my name is Jen.  I'm addicted to fountain Coke (puh-lease not diet) and gray clothing.  
I also hate a food.
It's onions.  And apparently it runs in the family.  
My cousin's little girl, who was born shortly after the girls hates them too.  
Her name is Hannah.  She's darling.  
Don't believe me that onions are horrid?
Trust Hannah.
She's a baby.  She'd never lie.

I'm gonna cwilb da Twee Mama...

That warm weekend we had two weeks ago really got Sam in spring mode.  Now everyday when we get home Sam tells me he's gonna cwlimb da twee.

And then he says,
"And you say, look at you way up high in the tree!"
"That's what you say, Mama"

And so everyday I do.
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It's  no secret that Eliza loves hats.  Anywhere, anytime, she loves to find them and put them on.  None of my other children have been enthralled with hats like Ellie.  It's really cute.

Sam lets her borrow his hat all the time.  It's actually quite a display of sharing on his part.
{read: Sam's taken nearly 4 years to get on the 'sharing' bandwagon}

Oooh, new one Mom...
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