Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grandpa Rob Christmas

Grandpa Rob always pulls off an amazing Christmas.  There is LOTS of food, great presents and apparently sporting equipment.

While the girls were busy coloring, Sam and Isaiah were removing sports decorations from the walls, invading Grandpa Rob's bed and pillows, hiding Grandpa Rob's treadmill power switch, and making general mayhem together.

Infamous Grandpa Rob-Grandkid photo shoot...
Love Addie's prep in this shot...

Our best?

Mike's sister and brother...Kelly and Phil



Jury is still out on whether this gift was a good idea.
(see above)

Addie helped us pass out gifts everywhere.
It was great!

Thanks for a great Christmas Grandpa Rob!
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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Lights!

We headed back to Strongsville for our two favorite light spots...
Chandler Commons (this neighborhood culdesac) and the town center of Strongsville!
So fun!
It wouldn't be Christmas without lights!

Addie left her big winter coat in the car and stole Daddy's halfway through the culdesac...

There's even a Santa on weekends!
The little girl in front of us asked for a real panda bear. 
Santa said he wasn't sure he could deliver that request...
Snowman Sam...
A friends of ours told us we had to try Casa Noel next year!  :)
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Puffy Snow Paint

For all the mothers of preschoolers or early elementary aged kiddos out there, I introduce you to the wonderful world of puff paint...
Mix equal parts glue and shaving cream together!
And tada...
Puffy paint that stays puffy long after it dries!

Sam's preschool teacher introduced me to this wonderous paint...you can add a drop of tempera or food coloring to color the paint too!  It's super fun! 
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lemonade Bribes

Let's just say we are not above bribery when it comes to Sam working on his letters...
It is *not* his favorite activity.
by a longshot.
But Mike can almost always bribe him with some lemonade.

And that is a bribe I am willing to make.

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Historical Village Christmas

Strongsville has a great Christmas Historical Village Open House...you should check it out if your kiddos are about Addie and Sam's age...

Phil and Em and our neice and nephew joined us...

There was Santa

And Gingerbread House making....and Mrs. Claus and cookies and trains...

Helpful hint...if you have small toddlers like O and E skip to the last few buildings...
Thanks for the tip Mom!
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