Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let the Christmas Season Begin...

Hmmm, there's nothing I love more than December.
Well, maybe summer break is a tie...
But I just adore Christmas.

Bring on the trees...

I was just saying today that I think Mike and I are in "Childhood Christmas" primetime right now. Having kiddos who are even more excited than you makes everything even better.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10 months...

Our girlies are 10 months old now.  It seems like I'm constantly remembering life a year ago.
You giant,
on the couch,
praying for a few more weeks,
and growth
and safety.
Thankful that we're right here one year later.

Even though those naughty teeth are causing lots of sleepless nights for us again.

but those cute smiles make it worth all the sleepy eyes and frustrating days

And even that horrible screaming phase you're in because you can't say words yet.

My mom says that it's a good thing they're cute because they are a lot of work. 
And she's right.
A lot of work.
And a big blessing. 
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Naughty Sam

You've been missing this tagline, right?  that's because my charming son has not spread diaper cream all over his room in months...but don't worry, he made up for it on Saturday.  First there was this:
me: Sam, Did you rip off Santa's arm?
Sam: yes, it looked like frosting.
me: Sam, you broke him.
Sam: sowwwwrrrry  Mom

Then there was this:
Addie and Sam at lunch:  blah, blah, blah, blah...(me not listening)...blah, blah, noodle in my nose...
Me: You never want to put anything in your nose, it's dangerous.
Sam: I got a noodle in my nose.
Me: No you don't and don't ever put anything in your nose you might have to 
(get ready for this parental piece of genius)
have to go to the doctor and get lots of shots to get it out
Me (to Mike): you don't think he put a noodle in his nose
Mike: oh no...he didn't.
Addie: Did Sam put a noodle in his nose?
Me: Let's start talking about something else, okay?
Sam: (goes to get a tissue) Can you get it out?
Me: (panicking now because Sam hates to blow his nose) Uh, okay.


True story.  Good thing I didn't take a pic for the blog.


We hosted Thanksgiving this year.  It was deliciously awesome thanks to eveyone's fabulous cooking.  Except for that little problem with the turkey drippings catching fire for a brief moment...
but I digress...

Now I love Thankgsiving (I always organize the historical game/activity about the first thanksgiving because I'm just that dorky.)
But I really really love Black Friday.

I'm not going to lie, I love the shopping and deals, but I love hanging out with my Mom and sister the most.  We never have a whole day of shopping and lunch to ourselves. So Black Friday is less about the deals and more about the tradition and fun.  We used to go shopping with my Gram on Black Friday too.  Someday we'll take Addie and the twins.

And last year I was on bedrest, so this year was even more sweet.

Loved it!
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Blog Buffet

Phew, I feel like I have a million clever posts swirling around in my head...but let's be honest...the girls are refusing a nap at the who knows how long I'll have for aforementioned witty posts.  So we're going with a blog post medley:

1. CONNOR! is doing well.  He's so not out of the woods yet, but has made some incredible progress. Katie and Mike have held him and do kangaroo care daily.  He's having an MRI tomorrow and all he brain monitor leads have been removed.  He's sucking and gripping with his toes!  He still has a feeding line in and some heart monitors and some supplementary oxygen (he's been breathing on his own the whole time). We're praying for continued improvement, a great MRI tomorrow and strength/recovery for Katie and Mike.  

2.  I think our pediatrician should name an exam room after us.  Remember how we had the plague for like 6 weeks?  Here's a list of our appointments (mainly because I'm curious and have to record this):
1. addie to doc for cough
2. addie back to doc for round 2 antibiotics
3. babies to doc for ear infections
4. addie and sam to doc for ear infections
5. all children to doc for flu shots.
6. sam to doctor for strep test (negative, thank goodness)

Really, that's amazing.  In like 3.5 weeks.  

3. I know someone who's pregnant.  And I'm super excited.  But I'm not telling.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

from our little turkeys:
And a special message from Addie:

Baby Connor

Hi Everyone! We had a good visit with Mike, Katie and baby Connor last night. There's been some very positive progress in his health. Although, there's still lots of unknowns the seizures seem to stopping and that's a huge relief.  Keep all those prayers coming.  :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

baby connor update!

There was some positive news for baby Connor last night...his EEG (Brain monitoring) picked up lots less seizures and normal brain activity that they hadn't seen yet. Here's hoping this is the start of something amazing! :) Mike and I are going to try and visit tonight. Keep the prayers coming. Sometimes miracles happen in baby steps.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bedtime for the Twins

{update: keep praying for baby Connor...Mike and Katie still have a million questions and unknowns and there are lots of medical complications still unsolved.}

The girls have started doing the cutest thing at night.  No matter how you lay them down, they instantly roll over and crawl to their adjoining crib sides.  Then they peek over crib bumper at smile at each other.  Here's Eliza...

And Olivia

See Ellie across he way?

so sweet...

The big kiddos saying goodnight...
Just today at lunch the girls were sitting across form each other in their high chairs and they were immitating each other.  It's the reward at the end of 10 hard twin months.  ;)  Loving it...
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

I love my wife.

In this picture, she is wiped out.  Jen manned our children today so that we could serve Thanksgiving dinner at a local senior apartment complex.  She is behind me 100% on everything we do together.

I love this lady.

From Drop Box


Friday, November 16, 2012

Prayers Needed

Hi Everyone,
Good friends of ours, Mike and Katie Nary, welcomed a baby boy into the world yesterday.  Baby Boy Nary was taken downtown to the Clinic immediately for medical complications including seizures.  Pregnacy and labor were ‘normal’ up until birth, so this came as quite a shock.  There will be lots of waiting until Monday when new tests can be run to see the extent of his condition.
We’re praying for full healing and lack of damage to the little guy’s brain.  And, also, for strength and faith during for Mom and Dad.
Katie and Mike are in our small group from CVC and this is their first child. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

And Eliza Makes Three...

I couldn't leave one of my girls out of the fun
Addie in 2008

Three girlies!  How'd I get so fortunate?

Not all peaches and gumdrops

Sometimes, life is not all peaches and when all your kiddos have been sick for weeks.  :(  Boo. 
I don't like ear infections or sinus infections.  Addie's finishing her third course of antibiotics and if that doesn't work we have to run scans and labs.  We're praying for this most recent course to do its job. And the ladies aren't that happy either.  It's hard to be a Mommy when babies are sick.
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Learning from your Kiddos

I learn from my kids all the time. 
Sometimes it's learning how to be a more effective Mom or a more patient Mom or how to play 'boy' things like Batman.

When I presented the idea of making a shoebox for Operation Shoebox, Addie loved it.  I shared about how some kids don't have any toys or Christmas gifts and this would be a good way of sharing what we have with those children.  I told her she could choose a boy or girl and an age range.  She said,
"Well, actually, I'm going to make four boxes for four kids.
Three girls and one boy,

Sometimes, our kids are bigger dreamers than we are.
Keep on dreaming Addie Mae..

We're so proud of you.
Incidentally, there's still time to make a shoebox and drop it off at a local church.  It's super easy and fun too!  They're collecting through 11/19!
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Liv is definitely a snuggler.
She loves her Nana.
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Sam's Preschool Show

Aiy, between attending parent-teacher conferences in preparation to go back to school and the nasty, nasty bug that has plagued our children (and rendered all four with ear infections and antibiotics) I've fallen off the blog train.

On Halloween, I got to attend Sam's "Halloween show" at preschool.  I was slightly nervous to see Sam in his new preschool environment. Would he listen?  And participate?   And while he did absolutely refuse to wear his costume, he did stand with the class and recited/sang most of the poems and songs.  So, all in all, I figured it was a pretty decent showing for his first preschool gig.  :)

Power Outtage...

During the crazy hurricane winds that blew through Cleveland, Mike's brother and his family came to stay with us for two nights while their power was out.  And while Phil and Emily dealt with all sorts of drama associated with the loss of power, I'm pretty sure our kids thought they were on vacation all week.  So fun...


The girls played lots of princesses

Cousin bath time!

Storytime with Aunt Jen!

We even found a night to play cards!
We might have gotten their family sick (boo!) but we did enjoy our unexpected vacation with our neice and nephew!
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