Monday, October 29, 2012


I love Halloween!  I'm such a sucker for kiddos dressed up...


We had a little family Halloween par-tay.

Liv helping us get ready...

Our girls {Ellie is the elephant, Liv is the zebra} with Eli.  He's sushi.
Isn't that just the cutest costume ever?

Our Minnie Mouse bobbing for marshmallows

marshmallow pops

Our friends with the golfer baby Andrew!

I also decided that I'm never having another party again without my sister.  Apparently she takes all my best party pics.  The best costume was our friends with cute little robot princesses.  They made their costumes (and they lit up too!).  So cute. But alas I don't have a pic or a group pic or pics of the other games or the mummy dogs we made or our ghost pretzels.  Really?  I need my sister.
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Quarter-lifer said...

You are too kind! I'd be happy to be your official photographer for any and all events! LOVE the pics you did get! OMG i can't even handle the cuteness of the babies in their costumes!!!!!