Monday, October 29, 2012


I love Halloween!  I'm such a sucker for kiddos dressed up...


We had a little family Halloween par-tay.

Liv helping us get ready...

Our girls {Ellie is the elephant, Liv is the zebra} with Eli.  He's sushi.
Isn't that just the cutest costume ever?

Our Minnie Mouse bobbing for marshmallows

marshmallow pops

Our friends with the golfer baby Andrew!

I also decided that I'm never having another party again without my sister.  Apparently she takes all my best party pics.  The best costume was our friends with cute little robot princesses.  They made their costumes (and they lit up too!).  So cute. But alas I don't have a pic or a group pic or pics of the other games or the mummy dogs we made or our ghost pretzels.  Really?  I need my sister.
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See that Dad?

He's a bit more rested these days.
As rested as a dad with four kiddos can be.
I think he's getting used to all those babies. 
You can tell by that look on his face.
He still says...
how do we have twins?
But I like that. 
We just laugh and snicker at this crazy life of ours.
So glad I married that man.
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New Fonts?

Need some new fonts?
A teacher blog I subscribe to mentioned this site today and I hadn't been there yet.
Lots of super cute fonts (free!) to download for personal use!

For some of my fave scrappers, teachers, and creative gals...

Quote of the Day--Addie

"Wow, Nana and Papa have a really big leaf pile. 

 I wonder if they've jumped in it yet?"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Girls Weekend 2012

So last weekend, thanks to the unending kindness and generosity of my husband, I snuck away for the weekend to see my college girlfriends.  We try to get together every year and as much as possible, try to sneak away without our sweet kiddos for some serious girltime. 

This year, we went to Columbus, which happens to be where two of my roomies live and about 20 minutes from our favorite campus. 

Here we are at Wesleyan!  Yay!

Cait, Alison and Erin in front of the super smart economics building.
Alison is currently living in Wisconsin (too far from me) with her hubby Ted and two cute sons.  She works in HR and is totally a superstar at her company.

Erin, Cait, me and Megan in front of the Education/Psychology building (small campus, right? I think it had religion in it too)
Megan is an elementary principal (this is her first year!) She's a stellar teacher.  I wish we could work together.  She's married to Jeremy and they have two cuties, Gabe and Rosemary. 
Cait is a high school guidance counselor.  She's married to Stephan and has Sadie and Crew.  She adopted Crew from Rwanda, remember that?
Erin has a bun in her oven. She is married to Cory.  He put up with us all weekend at his house.  Erin's due in April.  She works at our sorority's national headquarters in Columbus.  Speaking of...
Here we are in front of our sorority house.

And our favorite frat house we used to 'frequent.'
Note the chair in the front yard left over from a party.

Everything's so updated after 10 years.  Expect this notable campus mailbox.  Still the same.

Our senior year house.

Hilarious phone pole outside our senior house where Erin's boyfriend back in the day may have ripped his car door off the hinges on our way to the bar library.  I think it was Alison's fault. 

Us at the bar in the afternoon

Out to dinner...

At our friend Megan's farm
(It really is a farm.)
She's granola.
She has chickens and makes me hike.

granola or ? country girl?

Love those girls.  Even without wine.  Although, this girls weekend was even better with wine.  I've been preggo the last 5 girls' weekends, I'm certain. It was about time Erin was the dd. 
College roomies really are the best.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Last week we took our two big kids to the circus.  We went on Thursday night (I know, a school night?) because I left for girls' weekend the next day.  The tickets were substantially cheaper and we sat in the fifth row!  (whoa!)  They weren't quite as good as when my friend Dana scored us free seats three years ago when we took Addie, but it was a close second. 

Crazy men on horses.

Brave lion tamer

Ladies hanging in globes way up high

No joke, these girls are hanging by their hair.  Someone,
please explain this to us.

Our little clown


The circus is surpisingly entertaining for adults too. 
Gotta do it once, right?
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