Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Preschool Sammy

Well, he did it! When we were getting ready this morning we were making all sorts of a big deal about his outfit, backpack etc.  So he's brushing his teeth and I hear him call me, and I go in the bathroom.  "Mommy, my hair is all up" (sticking up, that is)  He wanted me to fix his hair.  Isn't that the cutest thing ever?  Pretty sure Sam didn't even know what color his hair was until this morning.

 And, to quote the best part of my day:

me: Sammy, I'm so glad you had fun at preschool today.

Sam: I had a great day. I wasn't scared.

me: I know, it's fun, huh?

Sam: yeah, I love preschool.

I even got a few details about his morning.  Something about some songs, a cookie for snack, played with some boys and next time he can bring a toy (show and tell!)

If you know Sam, that's a lot of details, right?

Love that boy of mine. 

But, can you stay just this size right here?  With a gigantic backpack and those beautiful baby blues?
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