Saturday, September 22, 2012

Funny grocery store-y

Mike and I shop at this great local chain of supermarkets here in Cleveland called Heinen's.  They have the best customer service by far.  They still have people who bag your groceries, you don't have to wait in line forever (which is clutch for me with kiddos), and they load your groceries in your car.  What?!? you ask?  True story.  You get a number to put on your window, which matches your cart of groceries and you pull up and they put them in your car.  That's serious 1950's service my friend, don't you think?

So last week the man was loading my groceries and we were discussing how big strollers are these days.  ("Not like back when I had kids," he says.)  I tell him that I have twins so it's a double stroller, blah blah blah.  He asks if they're my only kids and then I tell him about Addie and Sam.  As he's loading my last bag into the trunk, he says.

Well, it's no wonder you're buying so much beer and wine then.  

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