Sunday, September 2, 2012


Phew, I'm tired tonight.  We just got home from a cookout where I ate too many carbs combined with beer and wine.  That makes for a sleepy concoction.  Also, the girls slept the whole night on Friday, notsomuch last night. Sidenote, if/when you are a mom of an infant who is sleeping through the night and you come across a mom of twins who are almost 8 mos old and not sleeping through the night: lie and pretend your child isn't either.  It's just not nice to brag to a tired momma.

But I digress...In keeping with the theme of places I've blogged about before, I have to share some recent pics of our last trip of the summer (boo) to Springmist Farms.  It's in Brunswick and open on Wednesdays.  Uber cute.  We went with our niece and nephew and their mommy and daddy.  There are pony rides, emus, covered wagon rides, a sheep that eats all your cone with feed in one bite, llamas, horses, a camel that tried to eat my sis-in-law's head, pigs (which we avoided~no thank you swine flu), a feed barrel train ride which we stuffed three children into, hugs from uncle Phil, and more.  Really, you have to go with us next time...

our nephew Isaiah

our niece Mikayla

a book I read said to remind your kids often, "You are having a great childhood."

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