Saturday, September 29, 2012

This is the world we live in

Every so often, something comes along that opens your eyes to just how weird life is on this planet we live on.  This happened for me when I first heard about larping.  But I was at work the other day when some friends Totally. Blew. My. Mind.

You remember the show My Little Pony?  The one that was on when we were kids?  Well, they recently rebooted the series with a show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  Target demographic?  6 year old girls and their mothers.  Strange side demogrpahic?  Bronies.

Seriously.  Dudes that like my little pony that are older than 12.  Brony.

It exists.  You can't unsee it.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Daddy's buddy...

Olivia's taken a notable liking to Daddy recently.  She crawls belly-flops around the house after him all the time.  It's really cute.  We caught this shot last weekend.  I think they're kindred spirits perhaps.

Maybe she knows Dady named her.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Our family has an annual clambake each fall.  Here are our little crabbies!

Ellie's shirt says "Crabby but cute"

Thanks to Aunt Shell for the darling outfits!

The clam & crab masters

Check out Michelle's fondant work.  You can read more about her new cake skills here.

Sam and Papa enjoying the cake.

Sammy and Uncle Steve napping.
Mmm.  I'd like a do over of that day. 
So fun and delicious.
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Mommy Tip; Daddy's skills

So, if your child ever gets a huge splinter in hi/her leg...remember this tip.  
(Thank you Pinterest)
Numb the area with this:
It works like a charm.  I'm not saying full compliance...but you won't have to hold your child down with the full force of two adults in order to remove the splinter.  

Addie had the worst splinter I've ever seen last week after crawling around on a wooden deck at school.  It took Mike and I two tries to remove it.  We even had my Mom give it a try.  It was bad situation.  I was pretty sure we were going to have to go to the doc's.  But alas, Mike became superhero dad.  
Score one for Daddy skills.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soccer Sam

Sometimes I think blogs tend to show only the perfect sides of families.  So I try to give you a realistic picture of all things Medved.  Luckily, I don't have to think too hard when I have  2 or 3 year olds doing activities.  Remember when Addie was a storytime dropout?  Or when she did gymnastics and didn't actually do many of the activities the first three weeks.  Let's just say, soccer is going about just as well.

Invariably, Monday will be the only day out of the week Sam won't take a nap.  Then he falls asleep in the car on the way to soccer.  Ugh.  That doesn't make the start of soccer all that smooth.  Neither does when I tell Mike the wrong time of soccer and he's late the first week or when Mike lost Sam's shin guards the second week.  I digress.

Here's Sam blocking his ears.  It's probably because it too loud.  But it was pretty appropriate to how he listened to the teen 'coaches' also.

There he is chasing his ball.

There's Sam in the background not sitting down and listening.  (Note the other boys doing the same)  It's not the he was refusing to sit down.  It's just that Sam works at his own speed.

Alright, here we go. Standing in line.  Waiting his turn.  Kicking the ball.

And twice.

And three times.  (that girl to his left he kept trying to talk to and hold her hand...she did not like that)
He gets that from daddy.

All I have to say is that, besides maybe running, our poor kiddos have very few athletic genes.  We're starting them early in case, by some miracle, they have some athletic skills.
We're not holding our breaths yet.

Just a note for you out there if you have a preschooler or toddler doing activities.  Addie is no longer a storytime dropout and listens quite well in ballet.  So, I think it's okay to relax, not panic, and enjoy things like tot soccer.  It's hilarious.  
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Addie's tooth! (according to Addie)

At bedtime, I put my hand in my mouth and I put my finger behind my tooth.
I pushed it out.
And poof.
It came out.
I was so excited.
I ran downstairs to tell Mommy.
"Mommy, my tooth came out!"
Goodbye everyone!
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Running Around...

For several years we had these wonderfully amazing friends named Chad & Sondra in C-land with us.  We went to the same church, did small group together, and it was perfect.  
And then they up and moved on us.
But we were sort of happy for them because they got to move home to Kansas where all their family is.  Yeah for family.  Boo for moving away.  
Here we are both preggo (me with Sam and her with her first son Luke).  YOU actually have Sondra to thank for Medvedtown.  She was my bloggy inspiration.
And even though we don't get to see them anymore.  We still talk about them all the time.  Ask anyone we hang out with now.  They know all about Chad and Sondra.  They're those friends that you pray your heaven house is next door make up for how they moved away on us.  sigh.  

But I digress...enough about how we miss the.  Onto the subject of this post.   Back in the day Mike and Chad ran a half marathon together.  Well, move over boys.  Because there's a new lady runner in the house. And her name is Sondra.  
You can read about her here.
She joins a long line of fancy female runners like my sister and my sister in law.  
They are super runners.  And I am so impressed.  
Well done miss Sondra.  Miss u & love u much.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brew it up!

For my birthday, I got a gift certificate from my fabulous in-laws to brew my own beer at the Brew kettle.  Here are the pics of my dad and I brewing our Scottish Ale.

Above is a shot of the brewing and bottling room.

 This is our awesome beer in process!

These guys make it pretty foolproof - they have all the equipment, give a recipe, help you measure everything out.  It was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to bottling it up in a couple of weeks.

Now, here is the real question - who has a good name/label idea?  Candidates to get your creative juices flowing:

Double Trouble
Two Wet Kilts
Daddy's Mental Health Break

Old Friend/New Friends

Growing up I had this wonderful friend named Nicole!  She's a teacher too, which means she's double cool.  We got to gether for the first time in five (wow!) years this week.  She's the proud Mommy of an adorable little boy named Patrick.  There he is...

told you he was cute.  He's a few months younger than the girls but they had great fun together spitting up rolling around on the floor.  So happy to see Nicole again and introduce our girls to some new friends.
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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Funny grocery store-y

Mike and I shop at this great local chain of supermarkets here in Cleveland called Heinen's.  They have the best customer service by far.  They still have people who bag your groceries, you don't have to wait in line forever (which is clutch for me with kiddos), and they load your groceries in your car.  What?!? you ask?  True story.  You get a number to put on your window, which matches your cart of groceries and you pull up and they put them in your car.  That's serious 1950's service my friend, don't you think?

So last week the man was loading my groceries and we were discussing how big strollers are these days.  ("Not like back when I had kids," he says.)  I tell him that I have twins so it's a double stroller, blah blah blah.  He asks if they're my only kids and then I tell him about Addie and Sam.  As he's loading my last bag into the trunk, he says.

Well, it's no wonder you're buying so much beer and wine then.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Addie's Open House

Look at that sweet girl at her Open House showing Mommy and Daddy all around.  And reading.
{happy sigh}

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

One year ago..

Exactly one year ago yesterday we got the surpise of our lives.  Rember this? See there was this ultrasound and then a shell-shocked Mommy and Daddy for at least three weeks.  To be honest, just today, as we were unstrapping the girls from their carseats, Mike said,
"How did this happen?  These two babies!?!"

Somedays it's still unbelieveable that we have twins. 

And four kids.  Because our plan was to have three.

God likes it when we make plans.  But he likes to remind us that He's in charge too.

You might have seen me that day.  I had to go to school for half the day.

I have no idea what I taught all afternoon.  I was literally still shaking hours later.  And then I called people.  That was fun too.  Maybe I called you.  Or waited until I saw you in person.  It was pretty funny to surprise people in person too.  And then we started this crazy journey.  Here were are.  One year later with two healthy beautiful girls. Pretty sure it's been the hardest 8 months ever.  Parents of twins tell us the first year is the hardest.  We'll let you know.  But we're grateful too.  Grateful for a successful bedrest and family and help and love and baby smiles and a big sister and brother and a minivan.
Tonight I'm thankful for my forever reminder that I'm so not in charge.
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Teacher-Mommy Tip

{for my lovely friends with kindergartners or soon-to-be kindergartners}

When your cuties start bringing home those little paper books or they successfully start to read those little books from the book orders, I have a recommendation.  Make a fun place to store all those little books.  It can be a shoebox, tub, special place on the bookshelf, etc.  It's so important to share and celebrate those independent books.  I'm a big fan of making it portable so you can move it around the house and include it in homework time or storytime before bed.  It's a great place to keep sightword flashcards too.

Also, if you do buy some of your own "early readers" for your little one...I'm a big fan of the guided reading series.  You want to start with the levels A, B, C.  I'm not a fan of the Bob books or some of the sightword readers because they're actually too hard and frustrating.  When you're practing 'reading' with your little one, you want them to be able to read at least 95% of the words.  I'm happy to help if you have questions when ordering books.  I love ordering from Scholastic online if your teacher offers. 
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

This is how we do it

Target picnics are totally allowed when you have lots of kids. Or any.

TY Pinterest

I found this baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring idea on pinterest. It's a hit.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Be Still my Heart...

Really?  Could I wish for anything more after 2 weeks of kindergarten?  I think not my friends. 
 Here's Addie reading her book that she worked on at school, Can we Get a Pet?.  She's trying to get Sam to read it with her too.  She taught him the word "no" right before I started recording.

{for my nerdy teacher friends, check out the expression on the last page right?  That's some good stuff, eh? I heart that kindergarten teacher already}

Breaking the Rules...

I've decided, four kids later, that now I *might be qualified to give out some Mommy advice.  I've done this four times now and I have several pregnant friends or friends who are looking to start/have just started their families. I've decided, recently, that sometimes, parenting rules are made to be broken.  

It happens to me at least once a day.  I'll be trying, for the seventh time that day hour to get something done. Read: I've been trying to keep the babies/big kids busy long enough to get something done for 1.5 minutes.  And then it hits me like a bolt of lightning:  this is it.  These babies are only getting bigger.  In a few short months I won't be able to spend the afternoon snuggling my little ladies.  So, stop and pick up the baby (or babies) and stop worrying about the ____.  (fill in blank with myriad of mindless chores)

It happened the other night too.  I know that for sleep training purposes you're suppose to let your fussing baby go back to sleep on their own so they don't get all dependent on rocking with their Mama.  But do you want to know a secret?

Sometimes I rock them anyways.

Because the babies in my house are only getting bigger and I don't want to look back at these days and think, I wish I would have rocked them more.  Or held them more.   Or read Sam that spider book one more time.  Today he and I tried to catch butterflies.  And Addie read me her new book from school 5 times.  (and i loved every second)

I'm just saying, if you're a new Mama, don't fret following the rules every time.  In general, there's some great advice out there.  But feel free to indulge those nurturing Mommy moments occasionally. 
It's good for the soul.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Sometimes, the "almost there" is just as cute as the "I did it."  Here are Olivia and Eliza and their "almost crawling." 



Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kids::Breakfast analogy

(Jen here)
I'd like to present my kid::breakfast analogy.  
I'm sure Mike would have a different analogy.  
We'll ask for his soon.  But here's mine.  It's based upon the mornings when I'm with my children by myself.  When it's the happy weekend and Mike's around to help, the analogy no longer holds true.

1 child = eating breakfast at normal breakfast hours 7-8am rather than 11am like you used to in your college days or your newleywed days because you'd sleep in until 10 and then lay around until 11.

2 children = not actually finishing your cup of coffee in the morning

4 children = running out of time to eat breakfast entirely or forgetting to eat breakfast at all 75% of the time.

I'm not sure what three kinds would mean for the most important meal of the day. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Have you seen any crime that needs fighting?  Any villans that need stopped?
Let us know.
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