Monday, August 27, 2012


You cut those bottom teeth right around six months (Eliza a little before six months and Olivia a little after)

Olivia's got the finger food thing figured out.  Sort of.

Nice pincher-grasp there Eliza.

Love those baby teeth!
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At 7 months..

You love to smile

Sleep?  Not so much.
You've only both slept through the night twice.
That makes Mommy exhausted just typing it.
You like to wake each other up. 

You are trying to crawl.  Olivia's got the "rocky rocky" going on. 

You're not quite sitting up unassisted yet.

You both have teeth. 

We love you Eliza & Olivia!
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday School Sam

Jen: Sam, what did you learn in Sunday School today?

Sam: Well...(in a whisper voice)...about Jesus and the bear and they got tangled and they got put in jail and they didn't get out

Jen: (after referring to the handy weekly summary they give the parents) Sam, didn't you learn about God giving the hungry people food in the desert?  It was called manna.

Sam: Nope.  (whispering again) The bear and Jesus and they were in jail and they were tangled.  

Pretty sure we missed that parable.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thoughts on being a Mom... kindergarten edition

Luckily, I'm a super nerd, and dropping off Addie was three parts exciting and only one part mommy-traumatizing.  There were a few moments where my heart tightened up just a little as I imagined my little one navigating the cafeteria and mean kids and a teacher's expectations. I hoped she remembered where the bathroom was and how to ask for help if she needed it. I tried to remember how five years could really have gone so fast.  

But see, here's the thing.  There are few things I love more than the magic of school.  Fresh crayons, new friends, teacher read alouds.  Still now, it makes me smile.  And now, my Addie, gets to experience that all on her own.  School's not perfect.  It's not a completely safe bubble where Addie won't experience frustrations or heartache or yucky cafeteria food.  But life's like that.  There's ups and downs and fun and frustration.  Sure we trust a lot in that teacher.  We give them our little ones and their hearts.  But it's a risk I'm happy to make.  Because somewhere between that risk we make as parents and the closing of the classroom door, real independent magic begins.  The magic of learning and thinking and creating a world all their own begins.  I'm so grateful for that opportunity myself, and now for Addie.  For her first day and for your child's first day and for all the first days where I get to be that teacher...
 Happy (first) First Day of School.

Addie tells you about kindergarten... {my teacher friends will love this...}

My name is Addie and I like to play running.  And I also love my friends there {at kindergarten}. I love my teacher Mrs. Wengerten. I like to play at my desk.  No wonder I do.  Hello you.  

I love when I get on the green it makes me so happy. Green means "go" and yellow means "slow down." Red means stop.  We're going to have a sticker chart.  The sticker chart is most important. I think she forgot my homework.  

I love my friends and family.  My best friends is Madison and Alyssa.  Today we read a book about a bunch of hair.  We watched a video about boy with a purple crayon.  I don't know if you heard of it Mom.  

I had a good lunch.  I was talking to the boy teacher.  He's really nice, you know.  I ate a piece of ham, oranges.  I didn't really eat much.  I used the potty.  I love you Mrs. Wenger.  

I love my new crayons and my new school.  I had a bubble in my mouth in the hallway.  How quiet we were!

(The fun we will have, the fun we will have...)--{sung, of course.}

I said my pledge of allegiance.  I always like this school.

Naughty Sam: beautiful

It started the night before vacation.

"Don't worry Mama, I'll be done in justoneminute."

(I turn to look and find my darling, adorable, naughty son making circles with a green marker on the dining room wall.)

Then we were on vacation.

"Mama, I just made your cawr sobeautiful."

(Enter crayon on upholstered seat. boo.)

Then yesterday with a paintbrush in his hand full of sidewalk chalk paint.

"Mama, want me to paint your car sobeautiful?"

All I know, dear Sam, is this better translate into some serious art school talent, or else.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Ready or not, here she comes.  Let's face it.  She's ready.  And so is her teacher Mommy.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recent churchy things...

I feel like I haven't posted much lately about all things to do with us and God.  So here are a few things I've been meaning to blog but haven't.

1. We've been going to a new (closer) church called Renew Communities in Berea.  It was a church plant of our old church and our buddy Andy Sikora's the pastor.  Come hang out with us anytime.  It's awesome and perfect for us right now:


2. I just finished this book, the Ministry of Motherhood.  I really liked it.  It was a bigger read (although for me that doesn't say much.  I didn't eat breakfast today because I didn't have time.  So gauge for yourself) I thought it had lots of great examples of real-life mothering opportunities.  Let's face it.  Mommyhood is hard.
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3. I have a new Christian Music crush.  The band is called For King and Country.  I love their newish song, "The Proof of Your Love" here:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Virginia Beach 2012, part deux


This was one of the three carts we took to the beach each day.

Special drink for a special girl.

Lobster night!

Mommy and Addie were purchasing some cheapy beach jewelry and a kite while daddy and Nana manned the babies.

Nana worked her magic on Livi.

There's the kite (that I bought for Mike, really, and the kids played too)

We snuck out for sushi lunch!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Our family grew by two more people since last time we went.  I'm done growing it.  So someone else will have to bring babies next time.  :)
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Virginia Beach 2012

Here it is!  Some favorite moments from our trip.  Thanks again to Mom & Dad for our fabulous beach house and for their help wrangling the small munchkins with us.  Thanks also to Michelle and Steve for never grumbling when we had to eat dinner with the seniors because it was so early and because we woke them up way too early each monring.  Our kiddos adore you!

Addie was super brave this year and loved going into the ocean.

How'd I land such a good looking hubby?

Girlies with their cute new suits.  We might have lost Olivia's bottoms.  darn it.

If you haven't already been buried in the sand, just wait until you have preschoolers.

Naptime and Nana &Papa = break on beach for Mommy for at least 10.5 minutes.

Sam bolted from the waves each day.

Aunt Shell and Uncle Steve were great with the kids.

We went on a dolphin viewing boat ride.  Yay dolphins!  And yay for Baby Bjorns. 

Uncle Steve is a beast.  He's doing some push-ups with some added weight.

Love those little ladies.

It's totally possible to crack crab with your daughter on your lap.   

Love Sam's face.
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