Saturday, July 28, 2012


Pretty sure I'd be insane by now if weren't for some stellar family and friends.  When we moved home to be closer to our families when we started having kids of our own, little did we know we'd have four children in five years.  If it weren't for our parents and siblings we'd be absolutely mad by now.  We have some wonderful church friends who keep us busy and would do anything if we asked.  I also have some super sweet teacher friends that call me and give me all the latest scoop at school even though I'll be absent from my dear elementary for 14 months by January when I go back.  

We also have these amazing friends named Megan and Steve.  You can follow their blog here.  This weekend, they gave up their Friday night and Saturday so that Mike and I could go out and stay overnight downtown and have a night off from being Mommy and Daddy!  
But see, here's the thing...
We didn't even ask them.
They offered.  
They're just that amazing.

So we had a night of amazing dinner at Lagos, homemade chocolates at Lily's, coffee at Erie Brewing Co, a peak at the new casino, and drinks at the Chocolate Bar.  And then slept in a super comfy bed all night long.
without a monitor
or pacis
or bottles

ahhh.  That's what bffs are all about.  Bringing a little big of heaven right here to earth. Thanks Abels!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 years?

Already? 5 years?
Our little girl?
Happy Birthday little miss.

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Addie's Party (without the stomach virus)

Our little lady had a make-up birthday party last weekend.  We kindly postponed some family and friends and they got to enjoy a party without a stomach virus.  Kind of us, I know.  :)

A boy and his tree...

Sam got his first taste of climbing trees last week.  I think it was a hit.  :)
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Signs you have a big brother

Becoming a Mom of Twins

I'm sure this goes without saying, but it's crazy being a Mom of twins.  And by crazy I mean difficult, hard, and tiring. 
{read: perhaps the hardest thing I've ever done, jury is still out..}
But it's also super fun.  This week Addie's had swimming lessons at the rec center (by herself for the first time, I might add) in the morning.  So Sam and the girls and I hang out for 30 minutes in the lobby while Addie swims.  Morning at the rec is code for Senior Citzen haven.  Our rec has senior yoga, senior water aerobics, and senior "chair weight workout."  It's all super cute.  There's even a senior man that DJs with his big stereo.
Mainly polka music.
but I digress...

Seniors love babies which means Seniors REALLY love twins.  I'm not even exaggerating  when I say that the other day (I counted) I got stopped by 18 seniors oogling the girls.  I decided I should make a tshirt that says the following:
Yes, they're twins.
Yes, they're identical.
Yes, it runs in my family.  (even though identical twins aren't genetic supposedly...)
They're girls.
Yes, those are my other two.
Yes, I have my hands full.

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Monday, July 23, 2012



Memphis Kiddie Park

If you have kids, and you ever come to visit us, please remind me to take you to Memphis Kiddie Park.  It's the cutest little throwback.  The kiddie park opened back in the 50's and not much has changed since then.  Sam, Mom and I went one morning while Addie was at VBS.  He loves the roller coaster and the rocket ships the best. ;)
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Cinci-Addie visit

Well it's official.  Six Medveds can travel somewhere all together and stay overnight.  It's true.  We proved it in Cincinnati.  And bless their hearts, poor Steve and Michelle had to endure the last of us figuring our the girls' allergy stuff/Eliza cutting her first tooth.  Needless to say, there may have been some crying and screaming and yelling.  And that was just Mike and me...

Steve and Michelle are always the best hosts.  We had fun cocktails, a birthday cake, mini muffins (which have quickly become a staple according to my children) and gambling.  No joke. Steve has a slot machine that is 30 times cooler than another other toy on the planet.  Steve and I decided they have four toys in their house: the air mattress, front door water dispenser on the fridge, slot machine, and stairs.  But the slot machine is the biggest hit by far.  Such a fun time..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday naptime

It's time for daddy nap time when you can fall asleep despite children piling toys on your face.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Every year we get our cats lion cuts because it's flipping hilarious to keep them well groomed and free of matted fur.  Truth be told, we just don't brush them enough so by the summer they have matted fur.  So they shave their bodies and leave their paws, tail, and head. Mike and I The kids think it's so cute and funny.  Sam will tell you, "da cats got a haircut and they wook wike lions."

Monday, July 16, 2012


Wasn't it weird having the Fourth midweek this year?  I kind of missed the big long weekend.  We still had fun though...and Sam had his first night (now that he's a big kid) seeing the fireworks.  So fun.  He was fairly interested for awhile and then, he wanted to know what I had brought for a snack.  Ahaha.  boys.  :)
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hula Hoopin!

One of the funnest things Addie got for her birthday was a hula hoop. She convinced all of us to have a turn, and we all had a good time!

Addies 5th Birthday

Addie's fifth birthday was lots of fun, except of course the little vomitey incident. We called off most of the family with little kids, but still managed to have a fun time! Aunt Shell made some bomb Minnie Mouse cupcakes.

Close call

Sometimes you have close calls... a week ago, my neighbors tree came crashing down in a big storm. Thankfully, it fell about 2 feet in front of our garage.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Family Pics...

When you have 4 kids, it's just easier to schedule a family shoot than it is to remember a 6 month, 3 year, and 5 year photo session.  :)  We use this amazing photographer named Kate who just lights up my heart with her photography.  Hope you like...


We seriously scored when a neighbor passed along her Barbie jeep to our kiddos.  It's pretty fun. (no exercise, granted...but fun, nonetheless)  My favorite part is the radio which has several stations.  Addie was blaring some fancy classical music the other day when she proclaimed, "Papa would like this music when he rides in my jeep."
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Can you tell?

Test time...
Can you tell which baby is which? 
Post it in the comments.  I'll be super impressed.  And it's totally a fun twin game. 
Not just every family can post fun games like this on their blog. 
Need a hint?  Check out this post:
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Auntie Skills

This is my sis-in-law Emily.  She has mad twin skills. She comes over and plays or we go to her house and play.  There's two of us and six kids.  I love it.  :)  And she even brings me bagels when my girls keep me up all night screaming.  She's just that awesome..
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