Monday, June 18, 2012


Obviously, our blog has suffered from some serious neglect lately, and, with good reason. :) Last Thursday was a typical warm sunny day. We played at home, hit the playground...standard summer fun. And then Eliza woke up from her nap. She was a bit warm.  She might have been fussy. Or a maniac. The next 48 hours were filled with crying and crying and back arches.. 
and driving around town at midnight 
and prayers to "please make her stop crying"
and rocking upstairs and outside and downstairs
and watching the NBA finals game replayed at 4am
and sleeping on the couch
my mom says she sang the entire Sound of Music soundtrack to Eliza before she was asleep
and swinging her in her car seat 
and putting her in the pool 
and bouncing her on your knee
and laying her back against you in the exact angle to make her poor belly stop hurting.
Putting her to sleep on the washer
Or in her swing with the vacuum blaring next to her (success!)

Mommy was right.  Pediatrician confirmed.  Poor Eliza has that same silly milk protein allergy that Addie and Sam had.  Goodbye milk formula.  Hello soy.  And then last night, Olivia felt warm.  And then she didn't sleep except in her swing.  Darn you milk.

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