Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Along way from the dorms....

My college girlfriends and I had our first babies 5 years ago.  Here they all are (less than 6 months apart) in 2007.  That's Ian, Gabe, Sadie, and our Addie.

 Here we are today, 10 kids later.  Holy moly...
 That's Ian, Gabe, Crew, Rosemary, Sadie, Olivia, Eliza, Addie, Patrick, and Sam just 9 days ago!

We even fed them all lunch.  Aren't you impressed?  These pics don't even count a few step-children and any future babes (not ours...theirs.)  Heck, our friend Erin is just getting started!  At this rate, we can fill an entire dorm floor at Ohio Wesleyan. 
Love it. 

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