Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cereal (for the first time!)

Ah rice are so not delicious and tasty...but you make for a great first meal. 

Olivia's first taste

Eliza's first taste...

Eliza likes it...

Addie helps...

Olivia's not sure...


Sam even wants to help...

And Olivia's done...
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This is the look of accomplishment!

I can roll over too mom!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Christmas Gift realized...

I got these onesies for Mike for Christmas from his "soon to be born twins." I thought they were perfect for my favorite computer nerd...
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Zoo, zoo, zoo...

We love our zoo here in Cleveland and below are some of our standard zoo pics. 

Like addie and daddy.

Our entourage.

Whoa, giraffe.

Amazing beaver swimming...

But these are my's Addie trying to get Sam to look at the camera, upon my request.
"Sammy, look at Mommy."

He's not looking Mom.

Here, I'll take matters into my own hands. ahahaha....

Daddy pops for train ride.

Momy watches cuties zonked out.
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Naughty Sammy: naptime

Naptime today:
1. stripped bed of all sheets, pillows and even the mattress cover.
2. found addie's purse and applied all of her chapsticks to his lips, arms, and legs.

{I figure if Sam keeps up I will have some fine material for a children's picture book.}

4 months!

Our little bits are four months old!  :)  Truth be told, I'm kind of impressed we've made it fourth months already!  hehehe...

Having twins is hard work.  There's not really much downtime.  I'd like to take a moment to thank Jesus for baby swings and Phil and Emily for loaning us their swing too.  It means the girls take naps at the same time for at least a little while and keep this Mama sane.

The girls are both really healthy and have chunked right up.  They weight 13 and 14 lbs.  I'm still nursing except for 2 extra bottles a day. We just started cereal this weekend.  The girls vary between great nights of sleep and waking up once or twice.  Mike is surviving and is quite the superdad.  He would tell you that having two babies at once is crazy.  And he would be right.  ;) 

Olivia just started rolling over and Eliza is really close.  Both the girls smile and giggle and I think that really might be my favorite baby milestone.  Walking and crawling are awesome...but that smile and giggle really just melt my heart. 

The slideshow below is some recent shots.  The first three are Eliza, the second three are Olivia (rolling over!) and the last one is Eliza again.  Enjoy!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Naughty Sammy: Un-Build-a-Bear

You didn't think it stopped there did you?  Sure there was the standard "take the knobs off your dresser" and "try to fold up the baby in the playmat" maneuver...but Sam didn't stop there.

No, no, my friends.  Yesterday, Sam decided to un-stuff his Monkey from Build-a-Bear.  You know, the one we took him to build on a special "date with Mommy and Daddy night without the twins?"  I think he might have been trying to find the heart.  And, truth be told, I had noticed the small hole in the back of monkey and meant to sew it up as soon as I had a minute.  But alas, Sam wasn't quite ready for bed and this is the result:

I told Sam that poor Monkey was so sad.  My Mom asked him if he would like it if someone took out his insides.  He look slightly worried.  Here's hoping this is the end of his un-stuffing.  

Been awhile...Naughty Sammy...

It's been awhile since I've gotten some new posts up...and perhaps it's because I'm still a bit traumatized from the week Mike was out of town on business.  Besides Addie's stomach flu {read: vomit}, my mister man has been quite naughty.  There's really no other word to describe it.  Sure there's been the standard naughtiness: unrolling toliet paper, licking windows, throwing sand out of the sandbox, etc. But there's also been some record-setting naughtiness.  Take the diaper cream explosion below.  During nap Sam emptied and entire tub of diaper cream.  Not an exciting tube of squeezable diaper cream...but a jar of it.  That requires finger-painting style work.

{Note, I can't get Sam to fingerpaint for more than 20 seconds}

Yet, one day, at naptime he painted his entire room, and himself, with it.  Check out the cream on his body, and to the right of his eye...

 Here's the tour of the room. Apologies for the sketchy film...Mike had our camera on his this is the phone camera. Be sure to check out the cream on the sheets, door, and bed. I missed the bunkbed, curtains, and bags by the door. Stellar work Sam.  Oh, the last few seconds are the best.  I don't want to give it away, but watch for the end...

Note to those of you with boys...diaper cream with zinc oxide actually takes the color out of your carpet.  Just saying you might want to store that somewhere nice and high.   :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Along way from the dorms....

My college girlfriends and I had our first babies 5 years ago.  Here they all are (less than 6 months apart) in 2007.  That's Ian, Gabe, Sadie, and our Addie.

 Here we are today, 10 kids later.  Holy moly...
 That's Ian, Gabe, Crew, Rosemary, Sadie, Olivia, Eliza, Addie, Patrick, and Sam just 9 days ago!

We even fed them all lunch.  Aren't you impressed?  These pics don't even count a few step-children and any future babes (not ours...theirs.)  Heck, our friend Erin is just getting started!  At this rate, we can fill an entire dorm floor at Ohio Wesleyan. 
Love it. 

Monday, May 7, 2012


(Jen here)

Apparently running is super sweet.  Ask my husband or my sister or (more recently) my sister-in-law.  My friend Alison and I don't like getting so sweaty and we especially don't like running.  (Read: I'm lazy!)  But, my sister just ran her third half-marathon.  What?  That's 13.1 miles folks.  And...even that she raised over $1000 for cancer research!

I'm so amazed by her dedication to running and her willingness to make her hobby into a charity event.  She's a super star.  Here's some pics from her blog.  Go ahead and get jealous/inspired.  I know I am!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sam turns "Free" {that's 3 in Sam-speak}

Our little man turned three this weekend. We celebrated in fine style with our family. When I was trying to nail down a theme for Sam's party (remember my Halloween costume struggles?), Sam kept switching his mind. First it was a car party, then a truck party, whale party, and even a worm party. We settled on a car/truck party with a token jar of gummy worms. ;) Be sure to check out my sister's fabulous cake! It's so darling! Also, see if you can find the picture of Sam almost completely inside a gift bag reaching for his present! Loved celebrating...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Sure my new couch is stellar looking in this shot, but I think my cuties on it are even more darling.  :)  Did I mention Mike's been on vacation on a business trip this week?  Whew.  I clearly love him even more than I did last week now that I know what 4 kiddos sans a husband is like.
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