Thursday, March 8, 2012


Some of my dear teacher friends have stopped by to meet the girls over the last few weeks.  They brought us dinner, snuggled the babies, and even helped man the children during an unfortunate bout of stomach flu for Addie!  (ha!)  Unfortunately in my rather (duh) state I missed snapping a pic of one of my visits with Megan and Jackie.  Sigh.  You'll just have to come back.

That's my dear sub Brooke who thought she was just my sub starting mid-Febuary!  Haa!  Try November 8th.  And that's Lisa, my partner in crime that helps with my special-needs kiddos.

That's Chelsea.  Can't remember if I blogged this pic yet.  She left me for kindergarten.  But I forgave her when she suffered through me and my children during two days of Christmas break bedrest.  I.owe.her.
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