Monday, February 13, 2012


So yesterday was our friend Megan and Steve's baby dedication for their son Eli.  It was so special.  Check out their blog:

{It was also the second day I might have worn my jeans.  And not my maternity jeans either.  And sure, they were my "larger" jeans and not my "smaller jeans," but they didn't have elastic in them or a belly panel.  And for that I'm grateful. Those twins and bedrest but a serious halt on my post-delivery bounce-back}

And it snowed in Cleveland this weekend.  Finally.  Pretty sure it was like 3 inches.  I think I might have moved to Tennessee and not actually noticed.

The girls had their 1 month check up today!  They officially weigh 7_7 and 7_8. {Funny fact is that they were "due" today!}

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Steve & Megan said...

Hehe! Happy Due Date Girlies! And bam for the jeans wearing, Mama!!!