Monday, February 6, 2012

3 Weeks!

Our sweet girls are three weeks old (almost 4!)...and what's more ironic, is that next week was my original due date!  Ahh!  How lucky I got to snuggle them 5 weeks early.  Here are some fun recent pics.  Check out the homemade outfits from my sister and the cute gray sweatsuits from Steve's Mom, Linn.  {love}  You'll also see my favorite tummy time shots and the upside to our family funeral is that Aunt Michelle got a unplanned visit with the girls!  Yay!

In case your interested, the sleeping has gotten a bit less wonderful.  But, we're still doing fairly well for such young twins.  Thanks for your love via cards, emails, comments, phone calls, and texts.  We appreciate them all.  ;)

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Quarter-lifer said...

ADORABLE!! sweet, sweet pics for sweet, sweet babies!! love those jumpsuits!