Saturday, January 28, 2012


Well, the ladies are the big 2 weeks old.  Things are going fairly well.  The girls are sleeping in blocks of about 3 hours.  Every so often I hit the jackpot and they go for four hours.  My {super}husband gets up with me and changes diapers, burps babies, reswaddles, and rocks babies while I nurse at night.  I literally could not do nights without him.   Our girls apparently like to poop in streaks and poor Mike has changed like 4 diapers in a row before those 5lb. tushies give him a break.  It's clearly {not} funny. 

It's official.  I can tell the girls apart.  Sure it took me like one week to be about 60% sure.  But now at week 2, I'm a solid 97% sure which girl is which upon 2 second observation.  I use the shapes of their faces, their hair color (Olivia has slightly more/darker hair), and a small difference in their ear shapes.  We cut off their bracelets and painted a safeguard toenail to be sure we didn't mix the girls up, but I'm pretty sure I've got it. 

We had a photographer come to the house on Thursday and took the girls to the doctor on Wednesday.  Mike {sigh} went back to work on Friday.  My parents were around to help out and I actually did my own grocery shopping for the first time in 3 months too.  So we're officially off and running.  Here's some new  pics.  Note that Sam is officially obsessed with our Dyson.  Who can blame him?  It is a stellar vacuum.

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Steve & Megan said...

I love the painted toenail! Is it Eliza with a pink one? Congrats, I knew you could do it. :-)