Sunday, January 15, 2012

Twins Days 2 and 3

Hey there, time for a photo update of the twins. Lots of visitors in the last few days, here are some pics! Both are doing really well, feeding really well, sleeping... well lets just say meh. Jen and I think they are probably binky babies (and we may have tested this theory last night - don't tell the lactation consultant).


Quarter-lifer said...

AMAZING PICS! love it - i love your family size update!!

Dana Marie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Justin and I would always scrabble to hide the pacifier every time a nurse came in and of course the lactation specialist is the one we forgot and left it out for. shooooot. We've been thinking of y'all and are happy to hear [read] things are going well!

Irma said...

Congrats you guys! The girls are ADORABLE. I love the names you've picked! You're blessed that they're binky babies bc. Omar and Adam both would never take one. Hopefully they'll continue to be easy going babies.
Let us know when it's a good time to drop by ;)